Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Anti-aging products claim to make you look younger by reducing, hiding, or preventing the signs of aging. High-end anti-aging products are some of the most expensive single-use items in the world, but, according to skin experts, the lavish ingredients inside aren’t guaranteed or necessarily proven to be more effective than standard moisturizing ingredients.

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Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Author: Heloise Le Franc

666 thoughts on “Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive | So Expensive

    1. Turtle it works tho, I mean don’t all brands scam you. Like a simple balenciaga t shirt cost like 300$. It’s just because of the company’s name. If it has a well-known brand of coarse it’s gonna “scam” u

    2. Lilkeer it can *easily* add up to thousands.. my aunt has at least 8 la mer products and she isn’t poor. Again, you need to be rich to buy la mer. People living paycheck to paycheck can’t afford it. They’re not going to waste 200 dollars for moisturizing creme when they have rent, car payments, etc.. keep in mind 40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

  1. Lol why is Tom Cruise literally look the same from.the old top.gun and the new top gun and I have a theory he’s more hotter than the old.one lol

  2. Mine was like $2 good for 2 weeks use

    Not bad. Some people think that I am below 25 though I am turning 30. Someone even thought I was just 20.

    1. they are giving you compliments.the key is to look like a fresh version of your age. Look at Angela bassett, Halle Berry etc… They look authentic and well maintained.

  3. I think think the real culprit is that women are condemned not looking in the 20s for the rest of their lives.
    Aging will happen no matter what & I wish one day it’s embraced like how it is with men

  4. certain things are expensive because we live in a society where there are people that are willing to pay the full price, without thinking how much the item is actually worth

    1. Women, especially white women, simply refuse to eat. You’re supposed to eat meat and eggs as a human (we’re carnivores). You can’t eat leaves or roots, since you’re not a herbivore. Yet that’s what many women do. Then they wonder why they’re losing their freaking period in their twenties and are always tired.

    2. @bl_vr yeah dream on weirdo. All the historic and scientific evidence shows that we ate meat. But keep on believing in your little cult.

  5. What would happen if a 9 year old boy uses a cream that makes you 10 years younger?

  6. Anti-Aging products are expensive because the placebo effect is free and you can earn a lot of profit from that.

    1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache the reason the anti aging medications cost so much is generally the cold hard truth. If you took better care of your skin while you were younger (sunscreen, Aloe Vera, body lotions, etc) you wouldn’t have as much wrinkling or bad skin. People just don’t care enough to care for their skin and eventually that catches up with them. No anti aging drug completely wipes aging anyways.

  7. As I own a similar business (affordable skincare products). My best advice is to know which type is your skin and just use an oil overnight that fits your skin needs. Avoid soap on face. That’s it.

    1. Miki Hazel since sunscreen came out, skin cancer sky rocketed…
      there are multiple studies showing this 🤦🏼‍♂️. Smh

    1. They work actually. They work at cosmetic department in a department store inside a store in a mall with some escalator

  8. sometimes rich people find heavy to carry their money so company launch these product which is light to hold and also light your money.

  9. The best anti-aging remedy is not to drink alcohol, drugs, or tobacco at all. By 30 you will look at 20. By 50 at 30.
    For this, you do not need to spend, and this is the problem. In a consumer society, you should consume as much as possible.

    Including such cosmetic products from petroleum.

    1. Seto Kaiba it’s not based on “Germany;” it’s a Germanic language that absorbed a lot of Latin and French, and as such has its own conventions of spelling. Dialects can differ in spelling and pronunciation which produced the American “aging.”

    1. Redd Bull Yes, clouds are just masses of gas, nothing that a strong electromagnetic wave can’t get through.

    2. Redd Bull yes, on cloudy days and even if indoors all day. indoor light contains UV rays that can cause ageing in your skin. my dermatologist told me that, since i admitted to only wearing sunscreen when i planned to be outdoors

    1. Mmmm I am imagining ramen broth rich of dashi’s umami.

      On another note, tomato is also full of umami…and good for your skin…see the trend here?

  10. They’re all scams; every single one. Put them under a peer-reviewed double-blind scientific test and you’ll see. But none of them would agree to that.

  11. Not surprised most is just fluff and marketing.

    If you want actual anti-aging effects, drink plenty of water, do stress reducing things, and eat foods that promote health.

    Reduce the amount of junk and oily foods you eat, and overall don’t eat more than you really need.

    A little bit of exercise is important too.

    Depending on creams and pills for anti aging is just dumb and most likely a placebo effect.

    Besides that surgery is next thing you could do though it’s not something I’d suggest.
    You should be happy with how you look and not try to artificially look younger.

    Sun cream helps too if you’re outside a lot.

  12. Ladies! The WALL cannot be defeated. Do not squander your peak sexual market value years between 20 and 28 ( give or take) where you have your best chance of locking down a good man. Thinking that at age 35/40+ you can spend $1,000s on face creams in a time when you are virtually ignored in the Sexual Market Place is just dumb. Best of luck if you think you can.

  13. sleep better, stay hydrated and eat healthy, real foods. and use sunblock!
    I am reaching my 30s in 1 year and I always get people thinking I am 25 at most. because I did what I just listed.

    1. That’s not necessarily true because Koreans aging well is linked more to genetics and not the skin care you’re using.

  14. Yall gonna be old wrinkly bags by the time you die so just age naturally and be proud of your smile lines

  15. Tell me about it. My mum buys Prédiré Paris every month, but she doesn’t just buy one but 5 anti-aging creams and serums! Like wtf! 😂

  16. Meanwhile some men shaved and changed their hair styles. They found it really effective anti-aging solution.

  17. it’s basically smart salesmen and women with high vocabulary feeding off simple people’s insecurity

  18. the specialists saying infront of camera that pricier doesn’t mean better r the same ones prescribing costlier medicines and healthcare products for commission from the company

  19. man first pollution and then these botox and laser surgeries for some plastic infused insecure people?!! I am happier staying naturally healthy and average looking

    1. Yup,
      Just like they pay couple thousands for wine/champagne.

      Shady tricks.

      Theres always hidden process that consumers never know even when Angel of Death comes to say hi to you

  20. Because they are cheap af and thus companies can spend a lot on marketing. Also people will buy in the hope….

  21. wow 98 comments 4.2k views posted in a hour… weird… it should have more especially with 2 mil subs..!

    1. Same. I had a friend who I’ve known since 1st grade. She drank, smoked, partied and stressed herself out even more by trying to get into relationships with her one night stands. She looked like an obese, middle aged mom before even hitting her mid-20s

  22. because old people are rich. if every company makes their creams expensive, they’ll still buy it since there’s no cheaper alternative and they’re willing to buy into the high class image associated with the price & product anyways.

    1. There are tons of drug stores alternative if you are on a budget. People (I am guilty as well) buy expensive ones because they give the illusion that the quality is better and therefore more effective. I don’t know how true that illusion is, but it sure makes me *feel* better. Now that’s the power of marketing.

  23. Elizabeth Bathory bathed in blood to stay young, our society says women are ugly when they grow old, now we waste all of our money on botox and expensive creams. Sexism screws up our world.

    1. @gibememoni yes it is, but it is exagerated by movies and advertisements and etc.. to degrade womens confidence and convince them that they need to be attractive and that anti aging products will do that.

    2. @Karson Million well if a woman wants a quality mate, she needs to be as attractive as possible. And that usually means being well under 30 years of age.

    3. @gibememoni sometimes women don’t want a “mate”. And if we are discussing mating, in nature, usually the male needs to look pretty, not the female. And it is the females choice who she mates with. She doesnt need to look good at all. Thus an excellent example of how screwed up our society is. We are literally mating in a different way than most other species because our society decided that when women age or when women are ugly they cannot be desirable or kind, or good partners, they are just trash as soon as they are not beautiful or pretty.

    4. @Karson Million all mentally healthy women want a mate so she can have offspring. ANd no, men do not need to look pretty. That is the womans role. The man must be able to provide. protection and resources like money.

    5. @gibememoni That is incredibly sexist, you have also just offended gay and lesbian people, and asexuals, so, great for you. Do you even know what the words gender equality mean?

    1. because us americans don’t know how to imagine size in the metric system
      and we’re probably most of their audience? or they’re established in the US maybe

    1. *living in the arctic circle around the time of winter solstice* I guess I have nothing to worry about

  24. “miracle broth” is definitely one of the strangest phrases ever and makes me think of magical chicken noodle soup

  25. I was using expensive antiaging cremes and all it did was make my skin ashy.

    Back to honey and neutrogena for perfect skin.

  26. I tried La Mer and hated it; doesn’t do anything and is terrible for your skin. The best anti-ageing creams I’ve used are from Vichy, especially their serums.

  27. I heard one of the best anti-aging things for your sking is applying cold water to your face everyday or putting your face in cold water for a few seconds everyday.

    1. Underground Tech dries your skin out, doesn’t exfoliate. The best thing you can put on your skin is a semi warm cloth then aloe Vera. It’s a super drug for skin.

  28. This is why I want to invest in high quality skin care but I just don’t feel the expensive price tag is worth it

    1. The best thing you can do is educate yourself about ingredients and your individual needs. When you know to look for glycolic acid, for example, you just seek out products that list this high in the ingredients list. If you don’t have time to do your own research, consult with an esthetician or dermatologist.

    2. Irene Von Borstel honestly it benefits your skin in later years. My guidelines are to NEVER buy skin products with alcohol or any harsh chemicals. I use aloe Vera straight from the plant and organic coconut. These two ingredients I use have made my skin softer than it’s ever been. This anti aging stuff is a scam, you wanna look younger at 50? Start taking care of yourself now.

    3. Sometimes there’s a lot of fluff & hype especially when it comes to luxury brands. Some high end brands you pay a higher price to get active ingredients higher up on the ingredients list. Also appreciate upfront what skincare is capable of bc some people mistakenly expect injectables & treatment results from their daily skincare

  29. I met a 70 year old guy in my local pub who admitted to having recently been released from prison after serving a 30 year sentence for shooting a cop dead in the U.K. His skin was like that of a teenager and looked soft and flexible, and the absence of lines was astounding. He obviously had not been exposed to U.V. sunlight in all those years which concurs with the beautician’s advice about wearing factor 50 suncream daily.

    1. A 30 year prison sentence in the UK??? Come off it! I’m in the UK – murderers get at most a few months here, that is they get convicted for maybe 2 or 3 years but released after a few months!

      Don’t you know that old men in pubs like to wind people up with cock and bull stories…?

    2. @S Kael That’s what you better do, mate – my neighbor murdered someone and he is back after a week!!! One week and he is back at home!!! So you better learn what reality is in the UK, buddy!

  30. I think it’s definitely a cultural thing too. We should normalize wrinkles and aging signs and teach women that they can be beautiful despite their age

  31. More lies and this might be why so many writing lies have now been fired. Tell lies, win no prize. The cure for ignorance has been found. It won’t be tolerated from this point forward. We call it a miracle that the USA people can still wake from their poisoned slumber.

  32. Use a sunscreen to prevent aging, and use a retinoid to treat aging signs. These two work wonders.

  33. It has to be due to your background. Norwegian German Italian that’s how u will look. Look at your mom and grandmother that’s what u will look like…
    I’m Norwegian and very pale I’m 70 and look 40. Thank u mom

  34. Ok, but why does this video focus so much on Crème de la Mer, when there are thousands of other brands that do the same thing?

  35. Sunscreen and other sun protection, Retinol/Rentin A, Niacinamide, a double cleanse, and vitamin C are pretty much all you need for anti aging. Maybe a bit of AHA/BHA as well.

    Brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe, and The Inkey List are very affordable and have pretty high quality products.

    1. It’s not about not getting old, it’s about maintaining yourself looking as youthful as possible. When one gets old, one starts feeling less attractive and that is painful. You may not care now but as you start becoming an elder you will realize

  36. – ‘We have a problem. We are all gonna die one day.’
    – ‘That’s not a problem. It’s a solution.’
    I had that conversation with a friend. After that, I embrace aging.

    1. da afshar Technically anti-aging should be used when your actually old. As we get older our skin becomes drier, so anti-aging products are made to moisturize our skin in a way that makes up for the lack of moisture caused by aged skin.
      You’re essentially drying out your skin either because the moisture from the cream you’re using is causing your skin to stop creating it’s own moisture, or your using exfoliating products that are too drying. Try preventative skincare, more hydrating/moisturizing skincare, and supplement with exfoliation or treatments as needed.

    2. T. G. no, your skin doesn’t stop producing sebum from a moisturizer.. the op is clearly exaggerating their results, anti aging creams are generally just overpriced moisturizer with a niche active ingredient

    Almost of them are far too greasy or heavy and will clog your pores, causing issues with your skin. Go to Ulta, Sephora, or even Walmart and pick up a cheap SPF product that is made for faces and necks.

    Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  38. The bigger the lie, more people will believe it. And if a lot of people believe it then there’s no reason for it to be cheap.

  39. A comparison of the ingredients will tell you all you need to know.  Something I learned from Paula Begoun of Paula’s Choice, thank you Paula.

  40. If there’s anyone watching this video who is worried about wrinkles & getting older, please remember that aging is a privilege denied to many.

    I wish I could see it experienced by my friend, Jacob Power 1994-2012

  41. For a report on unethical profits from cosmetic companies… y’all sure did use a lot of click bait…. just saying

  42. While watching this video all I could think about is the big irony. The paradox of young Caucasian women spending their early adulthood consuming alcohol, smoking/vaping, and sunbathing/tanning. Then in their 30s they look like grandmas and resort to purchasing “anti-aging” products. Oh the irony!

  43. just ask your husband/boyfriend to apply some special white stuff to your face and they will gladly oblige. Plus it’s free. And clinically proven to reverse aging…

  44. Billionaires and top tier celebrities with so much money, they all get old.
    If those snake oil works, rich people would look so much younger even without their thick make up.

  45. Use sunscreen and umbrella when you go outside especially if you live in the southern states. If you have any autoimmune diseases please use an umbrella. Especially if you’re type 1 and type 2 diabetic. Also men with facial hair. Your facial hair is a great protection from the Sun. There’s a lot of information on the benefits of growing mustaches and beards and so forth. Unfortunately us women that can grow because we do have to toss around in our body to would not be accepted as much. Then there are those that do grow in and don’t give a f***. And to them I say hooray to you. But sunscreen and umbrella and drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated.

  46. The only reason anti aging products are priced high. Cause no poor young people will buy it. These only bought by well of old working people.

    Old people will usually pay more

    1. Drink ORMUS WATER, (17 × more healthier than alkaline) mix it with MORINGA OILEIFERA (fresh – most healthiest plant in existance {98 nutrients in it!!! The closest thing to that is spinach which only has 25 nutrients/minerals in it), add slices of ginger, add slices of garlic, DONT BOIL!!!
      secret for living to 250….
      Oh, and you must eat goji berries everyday

  47. They’re obviously made by extracting the youth out of people. That’s why they’re so expensive.

    1. Cainmak – actually you’re not far off. There are products that contain placenta (cow usually unless really expensive) Products that contain stem cells (plant usually unless REALLY expensive). And all those ‘squalene’ products you’ve been smearing on your skin? That’s snail slime – ACTUAL SNAIL TRAIL SLIME!

      Incidentally all those collagen supplements for hair, skin and nails you see everywhere… that’s made from boiling down cow cartilage and drying it to powder form! Yum yum.

      Let me know it you want more.

  48. That’s why I stick to a simple, affordable organic moisturiser, which works just as good or even better.

    1. This too. My mom only washed her face with a face towel and used a moisturizer. She’s 52 with no wrinkles.

  49. 1. Retinol every night
    2.Orange blossom hydrolate mixed with HA every day and night
    3.Sunscreen every day
    4.Glycolic acid once a month

    This is key to young, glowing skin, I use these, my mom uses these too, the results are great!

    1. @Espada De Dios what i mean is because some people hype it and are willing to pay with that price, corporations take this as an opportunity to have larger profit

  50. The only cream scientifically proven to boost collagen (which prevents aging) is Tretinoin also called Retin A. Its an acne medication and only available with prescription.

    1. @Iarshinta sudjana Or better yet….. Just go to almost any pharmacies in Indonesia and get vitacid. Much cheaper….. Always stock up on tretinoin every time I go to Surabaya

    2. no prescription needed in Brazil as well and it’s cheap (around r$ 45 while most anti-aging creams cost more than r$ 100)

  51. The last time I was at the store, beauty products were so expensive, I furled my brow at the price tag hard enough to require buying another several creams for the new wrinkles. That’s where they get you.

  52. Good 8 hours of sleep, stress control, no toxic people around you, food without pesticides and preservatives etc… Avoid too much exposure to the Sun.. It makes you wrinkled.

  53. Im amazed how many women believe these creams work they don’t you are wasting your time and money you are getting old and nothing can change that

  54. The best anti ageing product that has proven to work is around $10 for a tube of it! It’s called sunscreen!

    1. doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin 😂, we have more sun and pollution nowadays so maybe those genes aren’t gonna help too much

    2. @Alex Tostado agreed 🤣 some people think they’ll never age until they actually age and then it’s kinda late to reverse anything

  55. These woman who use these anti- aging products age in dog years anyway so they just need to face facts they will look like a scrotum when they get older. Live with it.

    1. @Casey Ummm, actually lot of young adults buy anti aging products. They are taught that it is better to *prevent* wrinkles while your skin still has elasticity than wait until it is too late. Look at the people that skin care lines like Tatcha and La Mer usually target.

  56. Theres no such thing as donkey milk.. she used to bath in camel milk.. get your facts right. Donkeys

  57. Homemade anti aging cream:
    No drinking alcohol🍷
    Try to be positive 😁
    Drink water 💧
    Eat healthy foods 🍅 🥬🥒🥦
    Exercise 🏃
    Try to be stress free 😊

    It’s a lot right?
    Then y not just age? It’s a natural process of the human body just let it go and accept the fact that wrinkles exist or you can pay $519 for a la mer cream

  58. – don’t do drugs
    – don’t smoke
    – don’t drink tons of alcohol
    – don’t expose your skin to sunlight a lot
    – sleep enough
    – moisturize
    – eat healthy

    1. if those bottles cost between 500 to 1800 bucks, and I REALLY needed to get rid of some annoying wrinkles, I’d rather invest in a very reputable plastic surgeon to do a REALISTIC and NATURAL job on me that’d be permanent. Much cheaper in the long run than repeatedly buying bottle after bottle endlessly.

  59. “Anti-aging” preparations don’t work. …no sh*t. Did we really need a BI report to tell us this? You should do a video explaining how putting your hand in fire is a bad idea.

    1. Also massaging your face the right way. Don’t tug on your skin, specially around the eyes. I see videos of people removing eye makeup so harshly and it makes me cringe.

    2. @Marco Andaloro There’s actually a lot more. Like copper peptides, acid toners, niacinamide, vitamin C, ferments, etc.

    3. spammer of cloaks It could be because in the west you have very popular process of tanning which counteracts sunscreen overtime. In the east in Asia, protecting your skin from the sun is a high priority, with the concept of tanning nonexistent. This added with sunscreen really helps to prevent sun damage. We also need to remember that skin ages because well that is a biological process that happens to everyone.

  60. I just keep out of the sun/use SPF, use reasonably priced moisturizers and a no frills drugstore retinoid. That’s kept my skin smooth and free of sun damage

  61. I’m a guy,35 years old,not even a single fine line or wrinkle on my face yet,no brown spots and pigmentations as well.My skincare routine is very simple:gentle cleanse,moisturize,and daily spf30 sunscreen.Make sure you have active ingredients of Vitamin C(L Ascorbic acid),Vitamin A(retinol,I use tretinoin) , niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid included in your routine,then you are pretty much completed your whole effective anti aging skin care.

  62. An organism ages/dies because at some point the cells will stop replicating. To maximize the number of times of cell reproduction and live longer, I suggest people take that $510 for the La Mer’s creme-whatever that thing is and buy some healthy food to eat. Your skin looks better if your cells are nourished.

  63. 1:00
    Man the wording used for this product makes it sound good when in reality it does nothing

    Hand harvested sea kelp 😭😂😂😂😂 so wtf if it was machine harvested idgaf

    1. La mer is a fake name the owners are Estee lauder they’re just a makeup brand like loreal, they’re very cheap products to make but they sell it very expensive like 900% higher of the real cost of manufacture.

    2. Hi, Welcome to chilli’s La Mer is owned by Estée Lauder but that doesn’t mean the ingredients are the same as Estée Lauder products, EL owns many different brands

    3. Hi, Welcome to chilli’s – L’Oréal is owned by or owns Lancôme, and also makes Kerastase. Yet all product lines have separate patents and products

    4. @Hi, Welcome to chilli’sEstee Lauder does not make cheap products, they rigorously test and patent their products and source from the best ingredients. I know because I worked there for years as well as Clinique and had to know everything about everything. They just cost a bit too much for most people-

  64. #1 way to prevent skin aging is suncream. That’s the best and cheapest one out there. Just apply daily even if there is no sun or uv rating in your area.

    1. I thought La Mer was more popular in Europe. Asia has their own brands like SK II which are just aa expensive as La Mer.

  65. This is the sad reality of anti-aging. If we actually found a real medication to slow aging, it would cost millions in the USA.

  66. is genetic imo , you can see some people that look young even at 50 and others that look old at 20s

    1. True, i believe it really depends on the combination of a persons facial features
      ..people with round faces (such as selena gomez) tend to look years younger than their actual age, small eyes will start to get even more hooded (more like slits) over the years, and of course those with more melanin in the skin will cease to age for a longer amount of time

    2. Exactly! Everyone always has a theory for youth and longevity because accepting reality is hard when society values vanity.

    3. Marie Ji like vanity is definitely my favorite sin lol , but in my opinion is also about health , beauty also means healthy body and that also means quality and vitality in the population if you look at it beyond the superficial esthetics

  67. I’ve been using No7 for a few year’s now and it does work…..
    No wrinkles or crow’s feet… Not to tune my own 📯 but I definitely don’t look like I’m in the mid 50’s .

  68. Are they against La Mer or something?? Cause it looks like they’re only targeting this brand and not the whole anti-aging industry

    1. Maguette Kandji because La Mer is one of the most recognizable if not the most recognizable luxury skin care maker

  69. I am blessed that in my late 30’s now i dont find any wrinkles yet on my face. Thanks to the genetic from my mom. She’s 67 now and she looks perfectly fine. No expensive products though

  70. Business Insider, why did you contact La Mer to ask them to justify the price? A company will never say that the price they charge is due to the fact that they can and want to maximize profits.

  71. How is it that our husbands have better skin than us??
    They do not use at least 1/100000th of makeup/skincare which we girls/women use 🤣😄

  72. Might as well spend that money at a dermatologist getting facials, lasers, and peels instead of buying anti aging products

  73. Who needs inflated expensive unproven cream or serum? In this internet age, 5 minutes google research will inform you that all you need is to have an inexpensive laser therapy from qualified dermatologist.

  74. I worked at a cosmetics store for a few years, and they teach us to always reccomend the most expensive products and say we’ve used them, I was 22 at the time. So naturally glowing skin

  75. Do you need sunscreen if you spend almost all of your time indoors? I live in Canada and in the winter i barely get any sun. Maybe 20 to 30 minutes a week because i go to work before dawn and come home after sunset. Do you still need sunscreen?

  76. Korean society: claims to have beautiful skin because of their skin care

    Also korean society: puts a filter on every single piece of media they release

    This is just my observation. Whenever you see Kpop idols on American media, their skin looks a lot worse because there’s no skin filter

    1. Eden MOA yup once i saw an edited “western” face in a magazine it really put things into perspective

    2. Koreans are so pressured to look perfect that even when they’re beautiful they’ll feel like they’re not enough and they need to use filters and photoshop. It’s sad that no one there is ever happy about themselves that’s why they get so much surgery

  77. Market value is whatever a buyer is willing to pay. As long as idiots fork over their cheddar for overpriced products like LaMer, the prices will never go down. Stick with brands like Olay or The Ordinary.

  78. I don’t think any product can help you keep your skin looking younger. Good diet and hydration are more likely to keep your skin looking good for longer and as they say sun protection creams are a pretty good idea too. Just accept the fact that at some point you will get old and wrinkly!

  79. 0:02 ugh, using the finger you clean nose boogers with, in a face cream is a crime in itself. Did these savages never heard of a spatula so that whatever is growing underneath your fingernails doesn’t transfer to super expensive face cream? You know what’s NOT anti-aging? fungus etc growing in your face cream.

  80. I agree that most of these products are just scams and branding. But if you’re rich enough to afford these products to feel “luxurious” and “superior”. Id say go for it lol

  81. Also anti aging is aimg a Target group that potentially earns more money. Whereas cremes for young women is much more cheaper

  82. About sunscreen: I began using it when I was 20, and almost 10 years later I have less lines than back then. Sunscreen works.

    1. @Losshe I was tanning regularly in the summer, so yes: under and around my eyes. I began kinda freaking our and looking for an eye cream or something. Read that sunscreen is the best thing for anti-ageing, so went with that instead and was surprised at the result.

    2. @lollsazz Ah, the the regular tanning explains it. I’ve also got a few tips for sun protection around the eyes. We often don’t put enough sunscreen around the eye area, so I always wear big sunglasses and a hat or a cap when I go out. Hats might not cover your whole face depending on the time of the day but I find it to be a very good solution for the upper part of the face.

  83. A really nice sunscreen and retinol cream is like like 40$ at the very most that literally all you need

  84. You can apply all the La Mer tubs in this world and you still won’t see results if you on tug the skin of your under-eyes like in 4:40. Proper application is just as substantial as the products you choose

  85. What kind of low-budget marketing department comes up with a stupid name like miracle broth lol I can‘t imagine how they pitched this name to their CEO and he be like ‚, yeah sounds good‘‘

  86. if you have good genetics, you don’t need any creams. But most people have average or below average genetics. So they go out and buy special creams for their face. In reality, it won’t help you much. You can’t change your average genetics to a supermodel genetics.

  87. The most powerful anti-aging protocol known to man:
    -Sunscreen (uva/uvb)
    -water (hydrate)
    -probiotics(healthy bacteria in gut)
    -vitamin c and hyaluronic acid (moisturize and resurface)

  88. Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product with you apply and reapply it everyday.Go to your doctor and get a retanoid for your night time routine. Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive. Just avoid some Ingredients such as fragrance & glycol and you’re fine.

  89. This is why brands like The Ordinary and The Inkey List have been successful, they offer great quality products at extremely low prices.

    1. And the products also doesn’t have all these miracle mumbo jumbos. Each products are specific with its ingredients for the functions needed and straight to the points.

  90. Because it’s a marketing ploy, la mer isn’t anti aging, RETINOLS are TRUE anti aging and they’re cheap AF, people should know better

  91. I think these products are expensive not only because of the brand but also because of the time and research invested in creating these products🤷🏻‍♀️

  92. If you read product descriptions, they don’t promise to fix the problem. They say things like “improves the look of fine lines”. They don’t actually say they reduce fine lines. Only the “look” of them.

  93. What if I tell you that all this products are made from human urine…
    Just applied your own urine to the skin

  94. For those interested, I recommend watching Dr Dray’s channel. Ever since I started following her, I’ve become much more informed and stoped spending money on unnecessary creams, serums and masks.

  95. Lamer actually works there isn’t one product that works for all skin types but from a personal experience I can say it works for me and I have gave many other beauty brands a try this has been the only one the works on my skin so I firmly believe you get what you pay for.

  96. Maybe if women cared more about being valuable/respectable human beings than worrying about their looks and sexual marketplace value, then these companies wouldn’t be able to profit off their stupidity.

  97. Like with most expensive things it’s about what people are willing to pay for a hope or to show off, and the name of the brand.

  98. The dermatology consultant clearly won’t be getting a phone call from La Mer to consult on any future products.

  99. Moisturize and WEAR SUNSCREEN. That’s the best anti aging regimen. The younger you start, the better. 👍🏻👍🏻

  100. Accept nature. You aren’t meant to be here forever. Be graceful in your behaviour as you grow. Build that beauty of character. It will complement your age and make you look beautiful.

  101. I’ve gotten consistent, _very good_ results from Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus serum and from Clinique Smart Custom Repair serum. I highly recommend them both. I actually haven’t been able to afford them for a over a year, but when my cash flow improves, they’ll be some of the first products I buy.

    The Laser Focus _really_ reduces fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and the Smart Custom serum really improves overall skin texture and firmness.

    I’ve been buying budget anti-aging products as I can but nothing comes anywhere close to those other 2 products.

  102. – dont eat sugar
    – wear physical sunscreen
    – dont smoke or drink alcohol or any other drug
    – have quality sleep
    – reduce stress

  103. Now don’t go blaming men again for this. Personally I don’t mind if women “look their age”, and I loathe makeup on them (the heavy ones that hide how they really look rather than highlight).
    Like what I usually hear from women I know, they do anti-aging and makeup to feel better about themselves (and to look better than their peers/ make them jealous). So yeah, no blaming us men on this again, please.

  104. Honestly sunscreen + moisturizer + Nicacinamide(Vit B3 derivative) + retinoid(Vit A derivative) is all you need. My mom loves sisley cosmetics product 30ml hyaluronic serum that costs 350 usd. I always tell her that’s useless. But sisley product’s fragrances in each products are pretty damn good soothing. I mean… its her money… so what can i say.

  105. Hahaha better to eat the kelp because it is much cheaper that way. Spending so much money just to put it on your face is just wasteful.

  106. Bruh I only use soap and I still look like 20 at my 27. Plus I don’t smoke or do drugs. These are just scams. I know people who pays a lot of these but still look like an old crone

  107. My surinamese family members are with 60 wrinkle free because they stay out of the sun. No botox, no expemsive creams, just that.

  108. I will give you the secrets of looking great.

    1) Eat healthy
    2) Sleep early
    3) Wash your face at least three times a day (evenly spread out the day)

  109. To be honest,I can’t afford some of the anti-aging products,they are so expensive and still not working. 😂

  110. You can go both ways.. Media Giants make money by adds from the same companies . And companies use power of media to sell bullshit or some real shit.. But only one part of the human society gets mugged thats you ! ya You ?!

  111. Spf is a yess👍but expensive creams really work when you reach 35 ish….really. La prairie reye gel really works for my puffiness( the most common under eyes after 40+) n Sothys for its brightness due to slow cell turn over….highends creams do firm, brightens n leesen your pores after certain age slowly…but yes it cost money.

    Obagi really target your specific problem under Dr supervision❤

  112. Sunscreen and retinoids are the only products that can legally be called “anti-aging” in the US. Sunscreen is the most important thing, and for retinoids, trasretinoic acid (or Tretinoin) is the most well studied. Both of these products are very affordable. Please don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on pots of water, glycerin, and antioxidants, or the fanciest serums.

  113. My mom works for Sephora so we get a lot of samples. I had sooo many lamer creams. Used for about 6 months. I saw no difference lol

  114. Dimitrios is someone who should be working for “the daily planet” but working in cosmetic industry

  115. Dermatologists will recommend something like cerave but really the most important thing to prevent aging is simply wearing sunscreen

  116. i’ve been using retinol for past 5 months and i can see good result on my skin, reduce wrinkles and lighten up my acne scars 🙂 i’m stick with la mer treatment lotion and retinol by theinkeylist for my night routine and its work well on my skin! highly recommend the inkey list brand if you are new with retinol, afforable and not gonna make you break out! *sorry for my bad english 🙂 english is my third languages**

  117. I have a total of 10 dollars worth of skincare for less than a month of routine but I only get compliments from people when I have brighter skin for sleeping well.

  118. Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Expensive? Because women pay for them (mainly) with their husbands money.

  119. I live all my life confidence in my natural beauty but damnnn, reaching 30 cause me anxiety that one day I’ll become someone I can’t recognize in the mirror.

  120. I use a basic oatmeal soap from Trader Joe’s to wash my face and then I use coconut oil, fair trade shea butter from Target, or the Egyptian Magic Cream from Costco on my face and my skin looks decent.

  121. Used oils on my face since my teen’s and my genetics, my father side there all very old but look younger than there age . Don’t drink alcohol or drugs,or smoke anything chemicals and only great skin care and genetics. I know people my age look double there age and some have great health but horrible skin routines. There’s no miracle cures. Just get a routine for skincare and don’t stress as it will show on your face. Whenever get carded people can’t believe my age but seriously what glows inside of you, shows outside world.

  122. Many dermatologists have said that creams/serums aren’t as effective as invasive procedures. So instead of spending a fortune on these products, stick to sunscreen and creams/serums that contain the same ingredients. Stay fit, eat healthy, stay away from unhealthy things/toxic environment and think positive thoughts. Also, train yourself mentally to accept that things like ageing are just a part of life and everyone has to go through it someday.

  123. Light work outs, water and a moisturizer keep me looking young tbh. All of those expensive creams aren’t worth it if you’re not taking care of the inside of your body too.

  124. Gotta love how the ingredients in these hundred dollar creams can be found in drugstore skincare that costs about 10 bucks 😂

  125. the rough way the ladies in this video are applying cream to the under eye area is making me uncomfortable.

  126. I live in Moscow, Russia, the sun radiation is so low here, even some dermatologists admit sunscreen is unnecessary for ca. 9 out of the 12 months of the year. For most women here, wrinkles and pigmentation is a less serious issue, comparing to decreasing skin density and gravitational ptosis as a result. Almost no skin care product will help with that, unfortunately.

  127. Miracle broth is a total madness. I heard, when they stir the ingredients, they turn on the recordings of previous stirrings, for the process to go on correctly – this is no joke 😲

  128. Just use sunscreen from a young age and hope your genetics do the trick. If all else fails just get fillers.

  129. My skin care consists of 1$ acne cleanser 5$ sunscreen and any 1-3$ thin moisturizer. The issue is that people don’t know how to consistently take care of their skin and would rather spin 100$ on a single application product with some foreign ingredient

  130. Hi, I work in the cosmetic industry and I have a degree in chemical technology. I’m not the greatest expert you could ever find in the world, but one thing I can tell you: most of the super expensive beauty brands/products are placed in the market at those prices because they patent and trademark some blends of ingredients, give an amazing training, invest into expensive packaging and use a lot of resources to understand the actual perceived feeling of their products (texture, colour, societal trends and needs, etc). All those things are in fact expensive. Only a silly video like this can make people think that the cost of production should be as close as possible to the market price. It’s the same comparison between luxury design clothes (Versace, Tom Ford, Burberry) and copies from fast fashion shops (Zara, H&M, Bershka). The money it’s yours, you take your decision.

  131. I used to buy expensive products and I liked them because of the “exclusive cocktail” of inefficient ingredients and the bragging rights. Used them blindly hoping for a difference.
    Now I only use a tretinoin cream and sunscreen every now and then I use petrolatum as an occlusive when my skin feels tight and irritated from the tretinoin. Now my skin looks so radiant and smooth to the point that is hard to grasp and justify the high price on beauty products, when a minimalistic cheap approach does better.

  132. That’s why Korean products are so awesome. They include the same ingredients for functional skincare without overcharging.

  133. Im sorry but if you’ve ever tried la mer and used it for multiple days you’ll see how incredible it is. I am a realist and a very reasonable human being but I am here to say La Mer is worth the money. Every single time I use it someone says something positive about my face. every. time. . it works!!

  134. 0:36 i had problems with acnes and people be like BUY THIS BUY THAT and these products are sooo expensive but here is me using only one face cleaner 1$ and it works perfectly 🤷🏻‍♀️

  135. For me, the formula of good skin care is sunscreen, simple moisturizing cream, proper diet and lots of positive thinking.. aging is inevitable so live life healthy

  136. I only have 1 “expensive” ($100+) product in my skincare routine and its my vitamin C serum. I’ve tried different serums from cheap to expensive and from vegan to regular. And after trying them all, this one was the one I liked the best. But sometimes I just can’t afford it 🙁

  137. true sun scresn helps alot been wearing since i was 12 for 9 years and still be looking like a 12 year old.

  138. What matters are results. It seems kind of trendy to bash high end products on social media without having actually used the skincare line for the average 3 months needed to really form an educated opinion as to its effectiveness. I use a high end skincare line because it works. The results are incredible…for me…for my skin. Dont rule out a product based on anyone else’s bashing it. Request a sample, try it and see if it works for you. Thank you. 🐢

  139. One of la mer’s main ingredients is mineral oil. A derivative of petroleum, used as baby oil. Just buy a $2 Johnson’s baby oil if you’re desperate to smear petrol petrol by products on your face.

  140. Esthetician here! Don’t wanna be duped? Look at your ingredients. Le Mer is clearly a product to flatter the rich and it shows in their ingredient list for everyone to see but OLAY is an equally questionable product line that may not consider the integrity of the skin.

    Learn how collagen and elastin actually get produced (peptides, retinoids, niacinimide, vit C) in the body and how to preserve it (sunscreen & antioxidants). Eat well , workout and see a derm or esthetician each season to make sure everything is on track.

  141. Welcome to Korean beauty world, where the value matched the price, and the researcher keep finding better and better discovery for your most beautiful skin 💕💕

  142. Highway robbery!! The face cream has been out for many years. What other techniques/technology can you have added to a $40.00 cream? Shame on you La Mer.

  143. My ex was super rich and spoiled and every month he was on about some new ridiculous (and sometimes gross) skincare fad. Well I always looked younger than him (I’m older than him), his skin was not good (acne and then scars), and his old products always sat there unused. Yeah I’ll just keep using Nivea…

  144. I have a skincare range and when I did the comparison of our night-serum ingredients, they were almost 100% the same and ours, our price $34 theirs $175

  145. My grandad 👴🏽 died at age 81 because he was tired of living. He started to cry for his dead wife, who passed away many years before he did. She died at age 45, they were the same age, you do the math.

    My Grammy only used these two products on his skin, organic cold pressed olive oil and organic coconut oil, for all the 15 yrs I knew him. He was of an effeminate beauty. He owned 15 kids and disowned 25. He was a wild bastard lol. His skin was soft and supple and he only use these two ordinary products on his skin. His anti aging food was bone both, made from soup bones and he likes Caribbean soups made from chickens, beef and any bones from animals. He also loves Bush tea’s, any green leaf’s bushes that can be dried and boil into tea’s .

    The man was so strikingly beautiful, he gets many women pregnant without trying too hard, lmao. It’s been 14 yrs since he went home to the Lord. I am now using all his skin care oils and let me tell you, big brands will tell you they don’t work and they are not good for the skin, all because they want us to buy into their fakery. All their big advertisements, using those words that captured ppl attention. Anti aging, skin resurgence, new age technology, anti wrinkle fighting properties, reverse aging peptides. All BS to steal our money! Lol

  146. Who cares I’m just jealous of these people in the same way I’m jealous of the Benz dealer. Their customers are so gullible, and any attempt society makes at trying to tell them, only reinforces their loyalty to you! I mean that is an arrangement everyone wants at work.

  147. Lol “anti aging” does not exist. Aging exists because your DNA gets shorter in the process of DNA replication. The ends of your DNA, telomeres shorten. Thus you show aging signs. Telomerase, which your body makes of it’s own) helps copying some of the DNA that would have been lost. Now the scamming companies pretend that putting it on your skin helps. There is no way that putting it in your skin or in supplements helps you.

  148. My mother is 66 and doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her face. All she uses is Ponds Vanishing Cream. The best anti-ageing product is being dark-skinned.

  149. They are also a way to keep women down. American media/society tells women they are not young enough, thin enough, beautiful enough and the cosmetics industry swoops in to offer women ways to look young, thin and beautiful. At a very high price, ie, wasting hard-earned money on this worthless shit.

  150. The plant that generates “magic broth” in Creme de la Mer is a kind of regular seaweed vegetable consumed by Eastern Asian people for thousands of years. This vegetable is actually very cheap and can be purchased in almost every market/supermarket.


  152. I learned at a very young age. How you treat your body and face. Will effect you when you get older. I don’t smoke, drink or any drugs. Use natural sun block. I moisturizer my skin all the time. I’m vegan, so I eat healthy, drink lots of water. Try to sleep lots. And meditation and yoga.

  153. Yes, anti aging cosmetics do work! But, what is inside matter not outside- overpriced brand name.

    Check out the ingredients list if there is bunch of things such as water, alcohol, silicons or some cheap oils and at the end of the list hyaluronic acid or peptides – it’s not worth it!
    Plus, take supplements ladies and take a good care of yourself, what you eat is crucial! Plus, cheer up ! We are all beautiful …. unless you are mean or lazy.

  154. I use snail mucus. Usually k-beauty brands and yes, they are quite expensive compared to the quantity. I usually just use almost 100% pure concentration serums.

  155. Aging is caused by the loss of fat and supportive collagen under the skin. Sun exposure exacerbates this issue. Water, healthy diet, plenty of sleep and sunblock. Exfoliating helps have smooth skin, but that does nothing to replace collagen. Thats all you can do. You want plump you have to inject; you want no sagging you have to facelift. No cream can do this.

  156. So here is a little lesson in trickery…

    Tell your girlfriend that your pp juice is anti aging.

  157. Asian women who look 25 at 47 are LAUGHHHIING rn because I know yall have been wearin that spf 50 and giggling at us folks spending $1k on anti aging creams lmaoo

  158. First and foremost Genetics plays the greatest role in how you age. With the exception of an at least 35-50 sunscreen property, everything else is bs. Eating, healthy, refraining from smoking cigarettes, and not over indulging in alcohol and drugs helps. Your best case scenario is having parents who have/had a slow skin aging gene….save your money.

  159. I’m 68 and most people think I’m 40. My father didn’t get grey hair until he was 85 and his skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. He died at 90 from second hand smoke lung cancer, from my stepmother. My mother is 91 and she looks 60. Her skin is fantastic for her true age although she has arthritis and is in a wheelchair but her mind is great. So that is why I say genetics is your first line of defence for most things but definitely your skin.


  161. Lol some girl I know try to show off how they use the whole set of La Mer whenever there is skincare newbie# ask for help 🙂

  162. bareMinerals cc ($30) & powder ($30), caudalie radiance serum ($80), and tatcha the silk cream ($120), la roche posay sunscreen ($40) & face wash ($30), and a wide brim hat, are all you really need LOL. It’s about lifestyle and a little bit of consistent maintenance.

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