Best of 2019 | Skincare + Anti-Aging!

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Author: Heloise Le Franc

745 thoughts on “Best of 2019 | Skincare + Anti-Aging!

  1. I have been looking forward to this video!! I so appreciate your complete honesty about everything you do! Not that you need any of these procedures, but we are all learning so much from you. I was inspired by you to have a Fraxel laser and love the results and will definitely do another, down time and all
    You are a great example of aging gracefully and beautifully!

  2. I had microneedling done. 3 sessions. And I did not notice one change. I was very disappointed after all the money spent.

    1. Life & DIY if i have to look that hard, the thousands spent is not worth it. Botox gave much better results,

    2. I got it with PRP and omg the results are absolutely incredible. You only see them a few months after.

    3. I’ve had it done countless times and it did NOTHING!!! The most disappointing procedure ever!!!

  3. Great summary!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I have found your videos so helpful and inspiring! Hope you have a wonderful 2020!

  4. Wasn’t the Paulas Choice–SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant new this year as well? How is that working to help your pores?

  5. It’s nice to see that you embrace your procedures and are honest about them. So many influencers get offended to be asked what procedures they do. It’s stupid. If you can afford them why not? Botox gives me migraines so Im trying an alternative that doesn’t but I waited too late so my 11 is nit going anywhere but it does look much better. I can live with that. My neck needs the most help so interested to see what you do.

  6. Thank you Angie!! You’ve taught me so much about taking care of my skin and I’m SO grateful. I stocked up on the Ordinary Black Friday sale and now Timeless has a 50% off sale too. Next week I’m trying laser and BBL for the first time to improve my sun damage. I’ve invested in an at home microneedling machine but need to get a routine to do it regularly. I’m looking forward to 51 and the years ahead with the best skin I can have. So much of that confidence comes from watching how beautifully you are aging. So Thank you! And Happy New Year to you ♥️

  7. Angie thanks so much for all of your thoughtful reviews over the years! I just invested in a new cream by DefenAge, I’d love to hear your take on it, the technology is very different from competitors available on the market. I’ve only been using it for about a week and I’m trying not to get too excited because I know it generally takes at least six weeks to see any results from topical treatments, but I am seeing some undeniable changes in texture and pore size, two things I generally treat with chemical exfoliants, not a barrier cream. So far I only bought the cream but I think I’ll be investing in the serum too, I skipped it initially because of the dimethicone. Anyway, I’ve been turned n to many of my favorite products by you, so I thought I’d return the favor if I can 😉 happy new year to you and your fam!

    1. Ciara Roberts I am so curious about that brand as well
      I heard Penn Smith talk about it
      Please keep us updated on your results

    2. @HappilyHealthFull via Penn I just ordered…I am hopeful…I wonder if one can use it with microneedling nano? Might be a thing?

  8. Angie….how did you acclimate to sleeping on your back? I try but find it so hard always turning to my side to sleep. Any suggestions? tyfs

    1. I swear by the “your face pillow” on Amazon. Game changer! I tried the wedge Angie suggested and it helped some, but bothered my back and not near as comfy. I’ve been using this pillow for 6 months now and 100% sleep on my back.

    2. I just ordered an Envy copper infused pillow. I’m a side sleeper and before purchasing the pillow, I had a great pillow for sleeping on my back. It worked for a while til my husband told me how bad I snored. So… I got the (very expensive) Envy. I love it!
      I start on my back for most the night but when I need to move, my face doesn’t get squished on my side because of the shape. I’ll admit, it took a looooong time before I plunked down the $, but I’m now happy I did!

  9. The PC moisturizer is great for my dry skin. My goal in 2020 is to find a skincare routine/skincare products that work for my skin.

  10. Don’t you think that hormone medications help your face too? Please don’t do your lips. You have such delicate features that a larger lip might over power your other features!

    1. I’d love to try Botox for my deep crease between my eyes. I’m worried about allergies. Is there an allergy test done before they do the injection?

  11. Another incredible video! I could listen to you talk about skincare everyday all day😊 I too am looking at getting Morpheus 8, I’ve seen amazing results. I have a question…I’m heading to our vacay home in Belize next week, as humid as it is there I always wish I had a face spray I could use to feel refreshed during the day, do you have any recommendations? I am looking at Timeless HA spray🤔 I love Botched! Have a great weekend 💚

    1. I’m just a little jealous of your Belize house!! The Timeless HA spray is a great option! Have a wonderful time! xo ~a.

    2. HotandFlashy It’s so wonderful to escape Oregon winters! I just got my Instree water masks and packed up all my skin care, using your exact routine makes it easy! I’m so thankful for your travel/skin care videos, they were a life saver, I was stressing about how to bring all my stuff, I def need my mini fridge down there😅💚

    1. marxalenina I feel the same way
      I have learned so much from Angie about skincare and am loving it

  12. Angie, following your routine has completely changed my skin. This is a game changer for sure. I have had great results but like you said it’s a cumulative result… you just have to keep at it. I am loving the NuFace; especially the fix. Thank you for the great videos.
    And you are definitely not in need of a facelift yet.

    1. @HotandFlashy Something else happens in 15 years – you get older and that closeness to death means you may dress well but you honestly don’t give a hoot about most of this stuff. There’s something more important on your mind. It’s liberating, funnily enough

    2. Same here! Following the routine with major results. Love my Nuface and got the Fix for Christmas and wow! I love, love, love it. I will say that I believe the Fix works better right after using my Nuface. When I do just the Fix, hours after using my Nuface, I dont see dramatic results like I do when I use it right after.

    3. Sarah yes! It is for fine lines and doesnt penetrate as deep as the mini and trinity. Its more of a quick fix and doesnt replace the mini or trinity. In fact its better paired with the trinity/mini and used after. I am purchasing the Pro version of the trinity next month and super excited to get more strength!

  13. Happy Holidays! Albolene Moisturizing cleanser is a great drugstore dupe for the pricier Clinique Take the Day Off Balm. Also, Ponds now has a fragrance free version of their cold cream. My dermatologist has repeatedly advised me against using skincare products that contain fragrance . He says they can be irritating and your skin doesn’t like them!

  14. Hello from a small village in the UK. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I joined your following a few months ago and love your content. Thank you.

    1. Botox is generally not used for smile lines since it paralyzes the muscles and you need those muscles to smile, talk, eat, drink…

    1. V M it’s 10 dollars a unit so I payed 170 dollars 😊The amount varies depending on how many wrinkles you have and how deep they are. That’s why it’s good to start early😊

  15. I vote NOOOOO on the lip filler! You don’t need to mess with perfection. Lip filler is so obvious, I know several people that have gotten it and it changes their face. It takes away focus from the cheeks and eyes. I love your channel Angie, you really delve into the details that most others are too vain to do. 😍

    1. @HotandFlashy Hi hi Angie …hope this is far enough down in comments to say…please do not do that filler if it will look anything like Nadine B.’s … I am not on here to throw shade…but just happened on her recent vid and….well you can go look.
      In healthcare am continually seeing issues/trauma from all the various fillers and Botox. All I tell people is if they are insisting on using then use product that is tested and approved by ‘university’ labs that then provides such to their skin derm. clinics. Very common in Canada to do it this way.
      There is so much tainted Botox and fillers that every day clinics are using and has not been put through top tier-scientist approved tests. Please don’t mess with your perfection that exists already if you do not need to.
      Happiest wishes of the upcoming new decade to you & yours. Thank you for your ongoing contributions to real content.

  16. Not a cleansing balm but the good old Ponds cold cream came out with an unscented version. I like it for dry days when I want to take off makeup. Thank you for your great content!! Happy New Year!!

  17. Love this video! When do you use the Mae Love Hydrator? I have pretty much been trying to follow your routines, but I have to say I need something more pared down. I really feel its too many products for me especially in the morning. Looking for more hydration at night. Tried the Cerave night cream, but breaks me out.I use over the counter retinal cream at night (ROC). Can’t use Curology service ( not in my state) and cant get Retin A. Just tried Botox for the first time. Wish I had done it sooner. Looks better, but not all etched lines are gone just softer. It would be so great to be able to have lunch with you and discuss skin care! I’ll be 60 in March..

    1. Hi Christine~ I use the Maelove Hydrator at night after Curology. Have you tried the Olay Regenerist Night cream? I love it! Or you can add some Squalane to your night cream to add extra hydration. xo ~angie

    2. @HotandFlashy Thanks Angie.. I just downloaded your routine and printed it out. I will add the hydrator. I was thinking about replacing the ROC Retinol night with the new Olay Retinol 24 night. I’ve seen mixed reviews on it. The regenerist line has broken me out in the past so haven’t tried it in a long time.

  18. Great video Angie. There are 2 at-home IPL machines I’d love to know more about & see if that interests you in checking them out. I’m also curious abt Vivace which combines microneedling and radio frequency. And what abt Halo which is a type of laser that can help sun damaged skin. Oh – have you ever considered Thermage?

    1. I had the vivace done but Morpheus 8 is much better! Basically vivace is for people who don’t want downtime but you need many to get the same results as the Morpheus 8.

    2. Lorraine from Miami I’m not familiar with Halo but skin is pretty tough lol only downtime is a little swelling and some grid marks with can easily be covered

  19. Thank you for another great video. The Clinique cleansing balm has saved me! I recommend it to everyone and now give it as gifts. I am tempted to try the Ponds. I would need to smell it first though…thanks for that heads up!

    1. Unscented Ponds is fabulous. Became available in the fall in USA. but not seen as yet, in Canada.
      I had someone pick it up for me in the US and used for 2 months now. I do the double cleanse with
      CeraVe hydrating cleanser after.

  20. Happy 2020 (almost)! I am 60 and have a lot of sun damage from those teen years. If only I had known. I’ve been watching you for a year now and I have actually noticed a reduction in the damage from using products that you have recommended. I started retin-a and have not had the best outcome because of super sensitive skin, but I keep trying and hopefully I can work up to at least 3 nights a week. You have given me hope that I can look and feel my best during these hot and flashy years. You’re beautiful inside and out! Thank you!

    1. Happy New Year! I’m so happy you’re seeing a difference in your skin with the products I recommend! Stick with the Retin-A even if you can’t get past 2-3 mights a week. It’s still making a difference… research shows using it just once a week will still give results!

  21. I don’t see a difference in your face with no Botox and no filler. I think you look great… not for your age, just GREAT

  22. Thanks, Angie. I am curious as to why your sunscreen has changed from the make prem, which was your first choice in the May 2019 video. Anything wrong with it?

    1. Marilynne Troiano I think she uses the Make Prem more as a body sunscreen. Her face sunscreen has been the combo of Elta MD and Paula’s Choice for a long, long time.

    2. Hi Marilynne~ Nothing wrong with the Make Prem at all! I still use it and love it but it leaves the slightest pale cast me so I always have to put makeup on over it. The Elta MD and Paula’s Choice sunscreens are tinted so if I don’t want to put on makeup I can just use the sunscreen & go! xo ~angie

  23. Hey Angie! Happy holidays ❤️funny you mentioned Morpheus 8 lol had the 3rd one done yesterday. Yes it helped me so much on my pores and tightening. It takes up to 6 months for the full results but I’m very happy I did it. I’m doing one a year to maintain. If you need a good person to do it message me ❤️Boston fan❤️

    1. Happy Holidays Melissa! So happy to hear you’re pleased with your results from Morpheus 8!! Can’t wait to get it done!! xo ~angie

  24. I’m considering getting fillers and in my research I’ve learned that fillers can and does last a lot longer than they previously thought. One dr did an MRI on his patient and was able to find old filler that stayed upwards of 10 years but had migrated from its original spot. In this case it moved to her jowl area making it look worse. They were able to dissolve it chemically. There’s a channel on YT called Victorian Cosmetic Institute that discusses it. Very interesting and important to consider.

    1. And where did the “dissolved” filler go? To the lymphatic system, where it will cause another problem in the future.

    2. Stacey O hi there 🙂 yes small world 🙂 I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve it by chemical dissolving. I do still plan on getting fillers but only with someone who will be willing to chemically dissolve if they last too long or move around too much. I wish you the best!

    3. Lisa D yes that’s another thing to consider. Thank you for bringing up another thing to consider.

    4. I watch that channel too! Very interesting and informative. Actually put me off entirely on ever getting fillers of any kind.

    5. I personally do feel like the risk do our weigh the benefits with some of these procedures even with Botox I am more nervous now as many women report muscle atrophy or that their wrinkles become much much worse after years of Botox. In my opinion if you are doing those things as preventatives the results should still be good after stopping it not worse than the natural aging process, lips definitely don’t go back to normal after filler either:/

  25. I cannot believe how much they charge you for a Fraxel Dual!!! Even here in Toronto, a Fraxel Dual full price would cost me like $1000. I can even get 3 for like $1500 if they are having a special. Have you shopped around for prices?

  26. It is sad that women don’t except normal aging, most people can’t afford all the beauty treatments you do.

    1. There are so many good products for cheap now why not take advantage and look a bit less tired. Thats the thing with aging it makes you look tired all the time. I am all for a pick me up that makes me look fresh. Nothing wrong with that.

    2. Kathy Kumer I’m sorry you feel attacked. I’m not sure what my comments contain to make you feel that way and am happy for you to explain so I can learn from that.

    3. Tina Clarkson wow! We get it, you’re obsessed with Angie and NO ONE is allowed to disagree and give a negative opinion.

  27. Another great video to add to my list! I’m 50 (turning 51 in less than a month) and I’ve never had any procedures. But I have seriously considered doing something. I’m very intrigued by the fraxel laser but the price scares me. Yet Botox scares me because I’ve heard of horror stories of it causing temporary paralysis from it moving 😱 and I have a freaky needle issue. I throw up and/or pass out half the time when I get a shot 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️. Would you pick one over the other? Recommend an order for procedures or is it totally a personal preference?

    1. M W one of my friends started having a ringing in her ears and some other symptoms. After many doctors could not figure it out she went to a neurologist out of town and he said it was due to her Botox injections.

    2. Which procedure to start with is going to be different for each person depending on what bothers you most. If it’s deeper wrinkles of the forehead or crow’s feet then botox is the ticket. If it’s more sun damage, age spots, and fine lines then laser is the way to go. Happy Birthday in January! xo ~angie

  28. Angie, If this is how you Look WITHOUT botox, you really dont Need it! 😘 please be very careful with lipfillers. I never saw one woman looking good with this.

    1. Lip fillers that are “obvious” are the problem. Many women have had it done and it’s subtle and lifts the whole face in an aesthetic way. The key is to use a qualified practitioner and not overfill!

    2. Paget A you are right! It is hard to know how it looks on you really in the end. I am too afraid of. 😊😉

    3. Go have a watch of Dr Sarah Tonks on YT. She’s a cosmetic physician (I believe she also has qualifications in dermatology on top of her medical degree and cosmetic qualifications). Some of her “before and after” procedures she shows are fascinating. You can do some super subtle stuff – doesn’t look “duck lips” or anything like that at all. She likes bigger lips for herself but most of her patients don’t want it to look “obvious” so she pays attention to all this ratio and mathematics stuff and doesn’t change the vermillion border or keeps it the same proportions or whatever. It’s super involved. I’d LOVE to see someone like her. A bit of filler here and there, a bit of botox in the right place can make such a difference!

    4. Tom Jones She Said that it is completly worn off in the Moment…. so she is Looking this good without botox.

    1. I second that! You’d be great Angie, and there are already thousands of willing customers 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    2. It would be the perfect skincare line for older people with not-so-perfect skin! Especially with texture and large pores!

    3. I agree totally! I think it would be such an incredible gift to all of us! I honestly hope you will consider it!

  29. How about our hands…. clear giveaway to our age.. I am 57 my skin and face are great if I say so myself. Hands, not so much.

    1. @HotandFlashy Angie, do you think that hand filler has stayed put – or are you thinking of getting it topped up?

  30. You dont need a surgery. Yes, I watch botched…omg nope. I’ll just keep my skincare game going. Love you. Merry Christmas

  31. Have you tried Beauty By Design? You text them a couple pictures of your bare face and answer a few questions, and they come up with a personalized routine for you. After using their products for a few months, my then 20 year old son (who I thought never looked up from his phone) asked me what happened to all the wrinkles on my forehead! Seriously! I love this product line. They check in on you to make sure what you’re using is working, but are never pushy sales people. I’m not on their payroll, and no one is pressuring me to say anything, I just like them that much!

  32. ❤ been using your tips and some products. What a change! Ty
    How old does one need to be to start using tretinoin? Is 26 too young? Ty

    1. Ann C , not Angie obviously, but I’ve been using it since teen years since it was originally prescribed for acne. It must work well since I’m now 51 and people think I’m 0 years younger.

    2. You can start using tretinoin at any age and the longer you use it the better your skin will look as you age. But you need to protect your skin from the sun every day if you use tretinoin and it shouldn’t be used while pregnant.

  33. You look amazing. You always have but in the last year you really glow!! Great skincare & good health habits pay off .

  34. Thank you love! What are your thoughts on copper amino isolate lipid from noid? Your skin changing over the years makes me be consistent with the skincare;) and girl if you want a bit of filler go for it!

  35. I just got the nufqce for Xmas and wow it’s amazing it definitely works and worth the money I love it smile lines are less noticeable

  36. I love your videos. I am making a list of products. Could you recommend what products to “start” with. I’m afraid if I start using all of these products at one time that my skin would have a awful reaction. What do I need to start with ? Then what products to add one by one? This year I want to take better care of my skin. I’m turned 50 in October. All I currently do is take off my makeup and moisturize. I need to be doing more.

  37. If youre gonna do the lip filler Id recommend to only get a bit and tell your injector to keep it in the middle so it doesnt give you that long lip look rather it will just give your lip plumpess. You dont need it tho but I get how you want to try it it can be dissolved if you dont end up liking it anyways 🙂

  38. Angie I have a question, I’m getting ready to turn 49 in February and although I have never looked my age I my self can see things happening to my face and happening quick.
    I’ve been getting the lines under my eyes and they are getting pretty deep and I believe this is making me look older. What can I use to get rid or help make them less noticeable?
    Also if you already have deep lines in your 11s or your forehead would botox help with getting rid of those lines?
    I don’t know much about skin care but I’m trying to learn now to help keep me from looking my age. Thank you for the great video. Hoped to hear back from you.

    1. Hi Kim~ Under eye lines are hard to treat, the best thing for them is Fraxel Dual laser done locally and/or Botox in the crow’s feet. But just be aware that sometimes botox can make the lines under the eyes look worse since it can’t be used directly under eyes. Botox will definitely help your deep forehead lines and 11s. Depending on how deep they are they may need a little filler too, but over time botox should eliminate them. xo ~angie

    2. @HotandFlashy thank you Angie. I appreciate all you do to help us and your information on helping us stay looking younger is absolutely one of the best here on you tube. Thank you, 💞

  39. New research shows filler lasts far longer than previously thought. I also feel Ultherapy shows results over an long period of time and I think the results were effective. The lazer effects are stunning and look fantastic!

  40. Hi! Angie.
    What do you think about Hydrolized Collagen intake? I’ve done a little bit of research and it said it can really work.

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that in this video…. I tried collagen supplements this year. There needs to be more research on it but there have been a couple of promising studies. I can’t say if it did much for my skin… so hard to tell with supplements.

  41. Always enjoy your videos! You never need to downplay or apologize for doing procedures. We all want to look our best. Thanks for the recap!

  42. I just bought the Ordinary Buffet and the niacinamide with zinc, but I’m new to all this and it’s hard for me to navigate what to use for my skin (oily) and for my age (54) and what goes with what and what doesn’t. So confusing

    1. Hi hi … also The Ordinary will talk directly with you via their online chat etc through website. Honestly they are fabulous and used for 3 years now. Sales people in stores are receiving more training than the majority of people working in i.e. Sephora…but the online version have the full on professionals and they get the data you want regarding to use for specific issues or preventative for your skin type etc.

  43. Angie – thank you as always. Unstoppable Goddess below correctly points out – how long filler lasts is a complete myth and there are now several medical studies showing that to be the case. I know you love science, so be sure and look it up. For me personally, I had fillers in my jaw line 7 years ago… And they are still there and had migrated as well. It’s taken me eight rounds of dissolver to partially get rid of them (at a cost of $3500…way more than the $600 it cost to get it put in). They cannot dissolve it all – I guess your body creates scar tissue around filler in some (or all?) cases. So the filler that you had years ago is likely still in your face. I support people doing whatever they want – no judgement here! – we just have to keep learning as consumers.

  44. Fantastic and informative video AS ALWAYS!! Thank you so much. Please have a safe vacation and a very Happy New Year!!

    1. HotandFlashy Thank you so much for your reply! I’m in Canada and am on a mad search for some of the products you recommend. One of the brands that is readily available here is Inkey List. You recommend their Lactic Acid Serum, but I’m wondering if you recommend their full line? Its quite extensive so I am curious if you have tried their eg Vitamin C Serum, Q10 etc.

  45. I love Botched on TV too, it almost makes me scared of plastic surgery because it can go so wrong. Botox for migraines are great 🙂 For a dupe for Clinique Cleansing Balm try “Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm” from HSN $19.00 free shipping but it works better for me. Happy New Year Angie and you are one of my top 3 that I watch regularly, so grateful all you have taught me about skincare. Hugs and Love xoxo

  46. Morning…. have you heard of A 313 pomade? I really see great results. Let us know your opinion. Wishes for a healthy, happy New Year to you and yours. 🎄🐾💄

  47. Thank you Angie for keeping your skincare effective and AFFORDABLE! I truly appreciate your honesty about Botox and how humble you keep things! Happy New Year to you🥰💕❤️🍾🥂💫💫💫

  48. Many great products Angie, but a little overwhelming for me as there are so many. I use Curology and sunscreen daily. I understand they are the proven ingredients, but is there anyway you can advise and shorten the absolute most effective antioxidants from your list?

    1. I stop using it and my skin cleared up then reintroduced it and the same thing happened. I just ordered the hyaluronic with C serum today. I’ll see if it is better

  49. You’re so gorgeous (and you know I’ve been watching you evolve over the past 6 years) and just the other day I noticed how great your chest skin looks. But when you just said “facelift is the way to go,” I thought of “botched” before you mentioned the show. Please don’t ruin a good thing! Like, you’re done now, you look perfect. Now it’s just about maintenance. Don’t be like Lady Cassandra!

    1. Awetewtewtew Awetwetw they’re no good and don’t work! They iron out your frown lines for like, a minute and boom they’re back!

  50. I’m 32 and value your opinion so much! Thanks for being a trusted source of anti aginig realness <3 happy new year!

    1. I think the Perricone products are well formulated but really expensive… you can find the same ingredients in less expensive products.

    1. The under eye area is the hardest to treat because botox doesn’t work there so filler is usually the recommended course of action. A good dermatologist or plastic surgeon can recommend the best treatment.

    2. @HotandFlashy thank you so much. one more questions about filler, i heard once the filler faded, the lines will get worse? is that true

  51. Thanks Angie for another great video. I confess skin care is my vice, I find it so enjoyable and relaxing to do my “skin therapy”. ❤

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  53. Nobody thinks about where these fillers end up when they eventually degrade – in the lymphatic system. They can cause autoimmune issues and other problems far down the road. It’s definitely not worth it for someone with absolutely no need for them. And it’s so obvious up close in personal interactions. Obviously I vote NO! 💕

  54. Hi Angie, Happy New Years! As for lip fillers, I’ve seen many who say the look is too severe and in most cases I have to agree. I have heard that a similar, but more subtle effect can be had using Botox in the lip area and wondering if you know anything about that or have considered it? (Slang term is Botox lip flip)

    1. I have not had it done in recent years, but did have tiny bits of Botox put above my upper lip. It really smoothed out the vertical lines since they weren’t super etched in yet. I wish I had kept up doing that! I do not know if my current practioner even does that. It doesn’t last long, and would need to be done more frequently and of course with an experienced practioner!

  55. Be careful with procedures such as micro blading because as you age the veins in your face will be more pronounced, and so with little spider veins. At 70 I can tell you this is so.

  56. You will really enjoy just a bit of lip filler. Ask them to do your upper lip line, it gives you a little bit of lift, which is very youthful.

  57. Have you looked at Vitashower yet? Thinking of getting one to remove the Chlorine from my tap water by way of Vitamin C. With the Clourine removed from the water, your hair and skin are supposed to be not as dried out after a shower. (Also, better for hair coloring) Maybe a new addition to my skincare in 2020? Still researching but thought I would mention for a new gadget for you in 2020.

  58. Hi Angie! Have you ever tried or reviewed these two products? Vintners Daughter or Biologique Recherche P50V 1070? They are very pricey, but not sure if they deliver – any thoughts?

  59. Whohoo that IT cosmetics stuff sounds brilliant for my super oily t zone for the summer! I love your research and investment in these videos. Thank you, Angie. I also hope that the reason why my smiling wrinkles stay at my 28 yrs old skin is lack of drinking enough water … >_<

  60. I can hear you talking all day!! Love the timessless serums I just ordered, my retin a I have been using for 12 years now I started for acne . And Sunscreen yes everyday!

  61. I use most of Angie’s recommended products but I think I need a heavier moisturizer than the Cerave PM which I use for my daytime moisturizer. I actually apply 2 coats of it and still wish I had something heavier…any suggestions? Also, I’ll put in a no vote for fillers bc you’ve got a “great thing” going already and I would not risk any unwanted un-natural effects…just sharing my two cents

  62. Can you do a Botox prep and recovery video? Maybe what to do the day of, can you REALLY go back to work/errands immediately after, and different stages of healing from those needles! I want to try it but like you I have every minute of everyday accounted for so want to fully understand what’s involved!!

  63. I love skin care or, maybe the idea of it. But, if the end result, in reality, is to get this and that work done at the dermatologist’s office , then what are we spending so much money for on all this hyped up skin care? Are we fooling ourselves when we should just be going to the dermatologist’s office in the first place?

    1. Theresa Loicano I wonder the same thing. I got serious about learning what are active ingredients in skincare in my early 50s. Before that I just used a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen without much thought about active ingredients. I saw changes the first year of using actives and doing my own micro needling, and then nothing since. We’re talking 5 years now. I wonder if I should go back to my simple routine and save my money for a doctors office?

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  67. I’m going to turn 70 in 2020 YIKES and have had nothing done to my skin, just doing skincare for the past 6 years when I first started watching Angie after I retired, I don’t think I look too bad. I would love to get Botox on my forehead and 11’s but too afraid as I’ve seen horrible results if not done properly. Unless you get a good referral. If anyone lives in Los Angeles & has a referral other than someone’s office in Beverly Hills which I couldn’t afford. Let me know.

  68. I got glow recipe sweet chef kit as a gift. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for it. I use a lot of what you use. But wow. It moisturizes and smells delish. Very natural. Just love it. You should try it. I use at night and I wake up and my skin isn’t tight! This is with the use of .25 retina

    1. I have one for four months now have a huge difference in collagen levels. Been off it while the holidays are here but effects seem to be lasting.

  69. I think you look good, I know you have had stuff done, but if you didn’t take care of your skin, your results wouldn’t be so good! I think you need to gain 7-10 lbs, your looking to thin I will lose and you can gain it.

  70. Hey Angie. Started listening to your videos when I had a life changing concussion six years ago. Love them. Our skin seems very similar. Anyways, try Brush on Block… SPF 30. It’s sold at Costco. I think I bought two for 38$ or so. Xo

  71. Thank you for your anti aging list. Can you explain the reason your tretinoin and azelaic acid compound includes the antibiotic clindamycin?

  72. I just started the ordinarys antioxidant alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It’s strong stuff you’re supposed to use a couple times a week but holy does it make your skin soft!

  73. Hi Angie! Have you tried the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vit C serum? If so, do you still prefer the Timeless one?

  74. Love your channel! It’s the first channel I ever came across for tips and suggestions. You’re funny and real. Thank you and keep it genuine. 😊

  75. Why explaining so much about your procedure? It’s up to you what you like to do and you look gorgeous!
    Just want to add that the side effects of Botox isn’t clear yet cause some believe it makes the muscles ineffective and too relax on its own. Please people do your research before doing fillers, things can go wrong so do your own independent research before any procedure!

    1. Because part of the reason I started my YouTube channel was to shed light on cosmetic procedures. I was looking for information from someone my age on a procedure and there wasn’t any so my channel is about showing what different procedures can and can’t do and sharing my experiences with them.

    2. @HotandFlashy Exactly! Unlike others I’ve seen, who blatantly lie to their followers about the procedures they’ve had done. I was subscribed to your channel for years until you mentioned lip fillers, then I realized we didn’t share the same philosophy on skincare, but still watch some of your videos and do appreciate your honesty and knowledge sharing.

  76. I love this video! I always learn so much from you. I am 64 years old and have recently gotten into trying to fight back time in (almost) any way I can. I have always used VERY basic skin care and washing my face with soap. And using a washcloth. Eek!! No more. I have just purchased two items from Exuviance and am amazed with how smooth my skin feels now (cleanser and face polish products, what do you think?). You are great with explaining to us newbies what products do, what’s in them, and how they work for you. You are so beautiful! Thank you Angie.

  77. Fillers that they say last mere months are seen to be lasting over 5 yrs plus now. I had SubQ injected 4yrs ago, a recent MRI showed it is still there.

  78. Thank you Angie!! You look great!! I’ve tried alot of the products that you use. Love most of them. The only one that I did not like was the Clinique balm. It burned my eyes so bad and my eye lids got swollen. It was the weirdest thing because i had used it several times with no problem and all of a sudden it just started irritating my eyes. I thought maybe I got some inside my eye so I tried again the next night and the same happened 🤷‍♀️ weird. Happy holidays!! Love love your videos!

    1. Oh no. That’s a bummer, especially since it was fine to start, but that happened to me with the Tatcha cleanser a few years ago…. so I know it happens. Happy New Year!

  79. Happy New Year! Love all the info you give. Where is the best place to get botox? a derm? or a plastic surgeon…have never done, but I have elevens, and the etched forehead lines..hope it might help Thanks

  80. I can only afford Curology/sunscreen/serums. Face lift is unaffordable for me, as are botox and fillers.

  81. Wow! You have taught me so much about skincare products and ingredients! Thank you! I didn’t know that oil products most of the time, don’t release the ingredients in the skin unless it’s properly mixed. Keep up your great work!

  82. I wish you would just age gracefully, it would benefit you and those of us who will not be using cosmetic procedures due to aging

    1. The Short Simple and Sweet Asking a YouTuber to follow a journey you want to take is really very selfish. You do you, and let her do her. There are other YouTubers who share their stories of skincare only aging – they might suit you better if Angies story doesn’t appeal to you. As it is I think she is aging very gracefully. She is authentic , open, honest and true to herself which is inspirational.

    2. @Tina Clarkson I simply stated that I wish it were the case, but thanks for your input 😉

  83. What do you think of snap 8? My aesthetician is really pushing it. Also, Neutrogena hydro boost corrector.

  84. Hey Angie, you should check out good old fashioned Pond’s Cold Cream they have an unscented one now. Also not that you’re asking for opinions on getting lip filler but I see everybody’s offering their opinion 😚, I personally don’t think it looks like you need it and any of the women that do get lip fillers it is obvious, it never looks natural. Enjoy the rest of your week and happy New Year

  85. Oh no you don’t need a face lift,maybe I’m just morngy or definitely poor lol but a facelift would frighten me ,it’s bad enough when ya need an operations but still love you Angie xxxx

    1. Oh gosh, no I definitely don’t need a facelift now… talking about the future. Maybe when I’m 70!!

  86. I always learn something great from your videos. I don’t think I am using my retina a product correctly. Will you please send me a link to one of your videos on applying retina a? Thanks so much!

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  88. I’m surprised that you didn’t try Physicians formula The Perfect Matcha. I don’t like the Ponds either but love The Perfect Matcha. Pretty good Dupe for Clinique Take the Day off at a fraction of the cost.

  89. Hi you look fabulous. Can you please do a tutorial on how you do your make up especially under eye make up. It looks great and mine always looks cakey xx

    1. earthgoddess2468 I use every night on top of my moisturizer Aquaphor! Try it it’s cheap and at the morning skin is so soft, reduce peeling or drying sensation!

  90. Hi Angie! Happy Holidays! I would love for you to try and review Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid. I really value your opinion. It was the first lactic acid I ever used and loved it……..but…….it is so pricey. The large is a better buy than the smaller size. It it around $130. I tried The Ordinary to save money, but went back to Sunday Riley. In it’s defense it lasts a long time because one pump will do my face and neck. Should I use lactic acid once a day? Morning or night, or twice a day? I would love to hear what you have to say,😊

  91. Thanks so much for doing all of the research and being a guinea pig for the rest of us over 50s! Also, I love your top. I didn’t see it referenced in the notes.

  92. I put that beautiful Kendra Scott ring and the double chain necklace, also from KS, on my Nordstrom wish list after seeing them on you in a previous video and was lucky enough to receive both of them from my two daughters on Christmas! I wear the ring on my third finger right hand as it looks better on my slightly wide hand. Thanks for all your terrific videos and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2020.

  93. This was THE BEST VIDEO! Thank you Angie!!!!! Ironically, I just had my first in a series of 3, Microchanneling procedure – I’m super into skincare and have done Clear & Brilliant, use nu-face and sun-screen daily thanks to you 🙂 Have been doing “B” and “F” for year and LOVE IT – skincare and age is a truly multi-pronged, on-going quest. I’m also getting chest lazered next week too. A few years ago I did do the THC Peel, but did not follow up with proper suncare steps or return for another peel…..I also LOVE Dermaplanning (professional not at home), makes such a great difference in your skin. You Look FABULOUS – Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Blessed 2020!!!! Keep these awesome, informative, fun and inspiring videos coming! Also, thank you for introducing me to Dr. Barbie Taylor! She is amazing! I told all my friends about her and my friend Liz had a 1:1 consultation with her last week and is in love with her too!

  94. Skin care first and always! Minimal but effective procedures to bump it up. As one can afford. You look great on that regimen and you look normal and naturally pretty.

    I don’t think you need lip fillers but it’s your choice. Knowing you, you’d research the heck out of who to go to and what type etc. You’ll look great either way but I think you can save your $ for more fun stuff.

    I’m 63 & can’t afford procedures but I am a redhead so a lifetime of avoiding the sun and using SPF once it came on the market means I am extremely fortunate.

    I began using a Neutrogena retinol cream decades back, and started RX Tretinoin about 4 years ago. I’m on RX estrogen and those two make a HUGE difference.

    Bioderma Sensibio Micellar water after Clinique cleansing balm using Shiseido cotton squares for cleansing. CeraVe PM lotion & eye cream, and The Ordinary Squalane Oil for moisturizing. Australian Gold SPF tinted face stuff in summer humidity or Josie Maran Argan Oil SPF 47 untinted in winter dryness are the things I really rely on.

    I found my skin got more reactive with age so I had to say goodbye to some former favourites. These are what I can count on.

    1. Barbie Doll 😱 I’m sorry 😂 I strained one of your last remaining brain cells. 🤣 Have a great day 👍

  95. No gadgets or devices, but a brand. Good Molecules on Beautylish….their cleansing balm, HA serum, Niacinamide toner and new Priming Moisturizer has been talked up big time this year!

  96. There are many female YouTubers getting anti-ageing procedures done, Botox, etc. and I wonder about the husbands/boyfriends/partners…are they getting things done too to keep up with their wives/girlfriends/partners?? Imagine the feeling for these folks; they’re ageing naturally and their “better half” is looking younger!

    1. I can’t speak for all men (obviously) but I personally know quite a few men who use botox and filler and would have surgery to look younger. Men getting “work done” is definitely on the rise as shown in statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons: “…there’s been a nearly 20 percent increase in men going under the plastic surgeon’s knife — or laser, or needle — since 2010. Much of that growth is in minimally invasive procedures like Botox or fillers. The number of men getting Botox jumped 27 percent during that span, the Society’s reports said.”

  97. Been following you for a couple of years now I think, and I’ve always found you worth watching and helpful. I hope you had a great holiday and a wonderful 2020!

    1. Botox generally lasts 3-4 months on most people so 3-4 times a year is average. Price depends on how much you get. Average for forehead with 30 units at $10 per unit is $300 per time so between $900- $1200 per year.

    1. Tammy Gravis well, she’s not ophthalmologist, so I don’t know why you’d even ask her opinion on this. Go see a doctor.

    2. @Barbie Doll I’ve seen a doctor tyvm. I just asked if she had them. It’s my comment. Many women our age do have them nothing to get upset about.

  98. You look so pretty, Angie! I love your videos! You and Dr. Dray are the reason I religiously wear sunscreen now. Your sunscreen testing vids were sooo helpful. I love hearing about Anti-aging that actually works. ❤️

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  100. You look so beautiful and your skin looks very good. I am with you—I think that at some point it will go for a light face lift. Thank you so much for your many advices.

  101. It’s so easy to “fake” lip filler with makeup! Especially if you just need the upper lip. There are lots of YouTube videos on how to achieve this.

  102. Would you mind trying more Korean brands like Purito, isntree(you already have the green tea toner) or tosowoong? Thanks!

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    I have tried the Nu Face Body ? I just purchased to use on my inner thighs ….we’ll see 🤞
    Also have you heard of the Profound laser procedure? Sounds interesting 🤔😊

  105. Lots of info here. I gotta watch this one twice.

    I would love a video summarizing all or many of the procedures currently out that are actually making a difference. Such as Fraxel, tear trough filler and more.

  106. Have you tried this and if so does it work as well as the lotion?
    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Gel

  107. Hi Angie! I love watching your videos also. I just turned 60 and the next day had cryotherapy done on a spot on my nose. I had it for awhile but finally decided to see a dermatologist. She diagnosed it as actinic keratosis. (Not 100% sure of spelling 🙂 it’s been one week so the area is now just red. I’m sure it will fade over time and I should be able to make it less noticeable with makeup. My skin has been looking bad and I would love to try Curology. I’m wondering if that is safe to use for me? I wanted to mention that I’m not a sun worshipper but did burn a few times when I was younger. I do use sunscreen and did go to a tanning place a few times before vacation. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again! Thanks for all of the great content on make up and skin care! I have tried many of your recommendations and look forward to a better skin care routine in 2020!

    1. I totally agree! I used it almost everyday for a year and I really saw no difference. It takes too much time for hardly any results so I finally stopped and I look no different. I’m actually happy to not have to do it anymore!

  108. You look fantastic, I didn’t know you had tweakments before as I started watching this year but don’t tamper with perfection I say!

  109. I think you look lovely and adding any plastic surgery would take away from your grace and natural beauty. There’s something to be said for looking like the real you and in your case the real you looks fantastic.

  110. New product interests:
    – Exuviance eye contour (to get rid of crows feet) and neck cream.
    – Time Master Pro gadget (supposed to plump up face)

    Question about Nuface: just got Botox and fillers for the first time. Do I still use Nuface or should I stop?

  111. Did the dual fraxal laser help with tightening the skin on your neck? I don’t have sun spots, just need to firm this area up before it gets worse. I’m turning 40 soon.

  112. I’m a longtime subscriber and just want to thank you for sharing your skincare knowledge and product suggestions. You’re skin is flawless and looks better then ever! Plump up those smoochers! A plastic surgeon did my lip fillers and no duck mouth, just a pretty plump and filled out lines.

  113. FFF has the timeless vit c in the NEW packaging for $7 right now. Such a great deal! Look forward to hearing about your lip filler when you do it!

  114. Ouch! If I had lip filler done, I’d have a ton of fever blisters. Any bump or scratch on my lips causes blisters.
    Other than that topic (lol) this video was full of great information.

  115. Heads up! Timeless is running a sale right now if you spend more then $75 you get 50% off with code holiday19. You can get Angie’s 3 favorite Timeless products for just under $39! I’ve put off the Q10 & Matrixyl serums but now I’m going to try them.

    1. Kelly Bechthold you will love them! I just completed my first bottles a couple of weeks ago. They last about three months and my 52 year old skin just woke up! It is so smooth and hydrated without a trace of my acne rosacea. 🙂

  116. Re Botox. I turned 75 this year and decided to treat myself to reduce the angry frown I’ve developed. They told me I have very strong frown muscles. The results were OK but not wowing. Fast forward 9 months and I went to another provider for my second treatment. OMG what a difference. They took before and after pictures as did I; the results were everything I hoped for. Serene describes how I look now. So glad I took the leap.😊 i’m going to re-watch your am and pm videos. Two of my AM product were discontinued so I need to find replacements in 2020. Thanks for this great summary.

  117. Angie your skin looks beautiful, I also have Botox in the areas that you mentioned and it’s the Best thing ever, I just have enough to give me a natural look and still have movement in that area, I’ve also had a little in my lips about 12 months ago and the difference it made was Beautiful, again very natural looking lips that I now have that little Cupid’s bow that as we get older lose, my hubby didn’t even notice when I asked him if he noticed anything different about my face that’s How natural they look, nothing over the top, my lipstick looks beautiful on now, I Say You Do You, and I’m #59 years young, I’ve just ordered one of those Led face masks with the different coloured lights, still waiting for it to arrive here in Australia 🇦🇺, I can’t wait to start using it…Love All the Advice You give Us Mature Age Women and the Science behind it all, Thank You for that….Looking forward to what you have coming in 2020, unfortunately some of those products aren’t available here in Australia 🇦🇺 and they don’t ship here also which is a shame….Hope You had a Wonderful Christmas 🎄 Much Love from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺💖💖💖

  118. WONDERFUL video, Angie!! I had Mono and wasn’t into using my NuFace for 2 months and this just gave me the boost I needed! Thank you!

  119. Can you do an updated nuface routine please Angie. Thanks for sharing i must say you look 20 years younger than 7 years ago.

  120. Do you know anything about TriPollar x?Is a multi radio frequency machine with build in muscle stimulation(I think)! I wonder if that’s like a NuFace with RF or do I need to buy a NuFace separately and use them both?

  121. I notice that the particular Elta MD product you recommend is a lot more expensive per ounce than the Elta MD UV Physical. They are both barrier sunscreens, one is SPF 44 and the other 41. Do you feel the 44 is better enough to warrant the price difference? Is there something you don’t like about the UV Physical?

  122. You look great Angie. I don’t think you don’t need lip fillers, you look great, you can do mirconeedling on your lips with a small needle, it has worked for many of us. I am not sure microneedling on your neck will work, I think it needs some fat or collagen to work.

  123. Please be careful where you get your Pond’s cream at. In the Sacramento Bee newspaper an article today was on a local gal in her 40’s who is in a coma from Pond’s cold cream—-it contained high amount of Mercury, apparently brought from Mexico. Know where your products are manufactured. I used to buy mine from the dollar store, not going to anymore!!!!! I like your channel, is there a couple of products you use daily? I dont want to use so many on my face.

  124. I’ll be 56 in a couple of weeks and I swear by Botox! It is the only thing I get done besides my good skincare…

  125. Bought and love because of you- P.C. omega + complex moisturizer and the Maelove hydrator !!! Thanks and Happy New Year Angie!!!!

  126. Curology is one of the best things for my skin and I will always be grateful for your recommendation!

  127. I started using Biologique Recherche P50 this year and my pores have shrunk! This has been the best thing I have tried this year. It has really made a difference. If you haven’t tried it I would recommend it for your pores😊

  128. Ok so i saw an Instagram ad about stamped on eyebrows and there you were among the pics! I thought that was really odd.

  129. Do you not think that skin care alone could have results that are on a par with all the cosmetic procedures? Had you used sunscreen when you were younger, would you have needed all the procedures? Is there proof that Botox is preventative? These are legit questions – I’m not trying to be difficult. I just worry that people are being sold some bogus information, but are too scared to stop getting all the procedures on the off chance that it is true! I was a sun worshipper for years, lived in very hot countries,and frequently burned. I went to a dermatologist for the first time (I’m 72) this year, as I had a suspicious mole, had a bunch of tests/scans, but was told l had little to no sun damage, and the mole was normal. I spend no time at all in the sun any more, other than the sunlight that comes through the window, but only use sunscreen as a stand alone product in the Summer. The rest of the year, I use products that have sunscreen in them, but not an additional sunscreen. By the way, the Dermatologist practice that did my tests also offer cosmetic procedures – they asked if I was interested, but when I told them my age, they said there was no point!! They did say that they had assumed I was much younger, as much skin was so good!! Good job – I wasn’t considering it any way, nor could I afford any of it!

  130. Hi Angie, Is curology available to international consumers? I can’t find any details about this on their website.

  131. are you still using the same hair device for hair loss? I am using rogaine, but it stopped working and makes my hair greasy.

  132. I just got Botox for the first time…is it ok to use the Nuface in the area where the Botox was injected?

  133. I can’t use Retinol/Tretinoin — I have what I think is probably an allergic reaction to it every time — doesn’t seem to matter what brand. Have you tried or know anything about bakuchiol?

    1. Anne OK even at a very low dose? Are you also making sure your face is completely dry before applying? Tretinoin can be very tricky to get right.

  134. lip filler ( with a skilled person ) IS. AWESOME! I had fullish lips all of my life and once I hit 50 it was like they deflated. I just had enough
    to get my younger, plump lips back. had it done 4 times over the last 3 1/2 years. it’s been a year since I had any filler at the end of January, 2020 and they’re still looking okay.
    ( I always used Voluma )
    If you ever want to do at home peels ( so cheep and easy!) I do at home GA 70% once a month for the last 3 months and OMG! my dark spots and hyperpigmentation is 85% gone. my skin is plumper so the pores aren’t being stretched
    and it cleans out any congested pores very well. zero down time
    and no peeling.
    “Devine” on Amazon is the brand I use.

  135. The money you spend on skincare products and Botox, man you could get a facelift lol ..I’m finding that out!! I’ve never had anything done .. yet!! I’ve just started Tretinoin I’m 56 .. I’ve been lucky .. you look fantastic.. you know what is terrible ?? Weight gain, weight loss yo yoing I don’t dare lose to much weight! I have a thin face! I have had 6 kids! But I used to be 120 lbs @ 5’8” I’m 50 lbs heavier but still have a thin face but as soon as I lose too much it looks terrible.. I’m very muscular and lift weights that helps!! Thank you for all of your wisdom!! I receive Curology!! We’ll see .. oh and.eating lots of greens!! I can see a huge difference when I back off on eating them It will change in a month!! Seriously! I’m waiting for myTimeless products I can’t wait!!

  136. What about schelerotherapy for spider veins? Have you had yours done?…….Thank you for all your great reviews!!!!

  137. Thank you for another wonderful video! Great wrap up! Thanks for always including prices and drug store duplicates! Happy New Year Angie! 💟👰💟

    1. Absolutely correct. Thank you for sharing. Being in healthcare, I am continually
      sharing this info as well. There is a lot of harm that then can be transferred
      via DNA and all internal goings on when women are pregnant. Then the baby
      or babies can be susceptible to a plethora of issues or diseases.

  138. I want to buy my first anti aging device but I can’t decide between Nu Face, Galvanic Spa or Ziip, which one do you thing is best for wrinkles, greetings for Puerto Rico 👋

  139. Just buy your own Ultherapy HIFU and RF microneedling machine from China. I did, its been the best thing I’ve ever done. You can purchase these machines for the same price of one treatment. This gives you control. I know you tried HIFU and it was terribly painful, I agree it is, but if you’re in control you can do it lightly every month until you get the results you want. The thing is they work amazingly and immediately. They are simple to use you can train yourself from YouTube. If anyone would like the suppliers I used and trust please ask. Xxx

  140. Hi Angie…have you ever considered trying the ZO Medical products…purchased thru a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office?

  141. Love this video…but feel a little overwhelmed with all the products Could u tell me which ones to use in the am versus evening . Do u switch up with them.

    1. Jacquelyn Wathen She has both an am & pm skincare videos which I believe were published in November. In those she goes through her routines from start to finish:)

  142. You look fabulous and I’m not sure why you have had anything done. I will say I just recently found your channel and I had no idea until this video that you routinely go for botox or other treatments. It makes me question whether to keep watching because I want advice on anti-wrinkle creams and makeup from someone 40 or older who hasn’t had work done. It seems to me that if you’ve had work done you can’t give a fair review of creams etc.

    1. Lori Pare ummm, I don’t understand why you needed to point out your health issues, which also has NOTHING to do with the initial complaint. I’m still very surprised that more viewers don’t have the same complaint, or how many comments have been deleted and blocked.

    2. Barbie Doll it still doesn’t give you the right to defame someone or call others desperate and lonely. Name calling isn’t very becoming nor is it civil. Move along and troll someone else from behind your keyboard. Again, Happy New Year! 🙂

    3. Lori Pare how am I “defaming” anyone? I also didn’t call anyone a name. I pointed out a fact, Angie uses cosmetic procedures that provide more benefit than all of the serums and lotions she reviews. If you don’t like that I and Sarah K. disagree with her content, so be it, but if you don’t think that negative reviews are legitimate, than you can run your own fan club.

    4. Barbie Doll “so many desperate and lonely women”… name calling. Calling someone a fraud without proof is defaming one’s character. If you’d like to continue this convo , message me on Facebook. Unlike you, I use my real name. Goodnight and Happy New Year! 🙂

    5. Lori Pare nope, not interested in knowing you. You appear to be obsessed with me, at this point and now you are following me on my channel as a subscriber. I don’t know why, but you are desperate if you feel the need to continue this back and forth.

  143. Do you use the Nuface when you have fillers in your cheeks or Botox around the eyes? I have both and want to continue my Nuface. Your skin is beautiful. Thanks

    Alot of great suggestions for me to try…
    I got the Nuface Trinity with the ELE eye/lip attachment from Santa!! Cannot even wait to incorporate this…any tips/help is appreciated!!
    xoxo Kathy

  145. I have learned so much from you! Thank you! My husband got me a gift certificate for a hydro facial. I can’t wait!!

  146. Angie , you know best, but really , in all honesty, you don’t need botox. You look sooo good! Lip filler? Why? Your lips are perfect.
    Perhaps your skin care does the trick. Just sayin’ love you!

  147. Oh and by the way, thank you for being the best on you tube for 2019 and always. You work hard and are very much appreciated.

  148. Why do makeups always pill after my morning skin care routine with vitamin c and hauluronic acid.? I can’t even add a primer without pilling….

    1. Sue Ryan I have noticed the same. I found on an esthetician’s channel, she mentioned that too much hyaluronic acid causes pilling with certain creams etc. I’ve been using Arbonne’s RE9 day cream and that does not pill, but I ran out and was using another brand I had on hand, it pilled. So I’m waiting for my Arbonne to show up. In the meantime, I’ve started using less of my 3 Timeless serums that Angie uses and the pilling is less. Try just using a smaller, thinner layer maybe.

  149. It’s always a joy watching your video! I am also loving my Lactic Acid 10% and Nuface device. ❤️❤️ oh, and the laser hair band too.
    What are your thoughts on RF home device? I’m interested in getting one, but they are so pricy. I wouldn’t mind if I find a brand that works, coz I think home devices are such good investments and much cheaper than going to beauty salon.

  150. I’m going to get Botox for the first time soon. I need to find someone reputable. Personally think you look fabulous. I never want to change my face where people can tell I had work done. I see people with blown up lips and cheeks. What is disturbing to me is how it is a right of passage for people in their early twenties. I really don’t know what the repercussions are for them when they hit their 40s or 50s. 😬

  151. Angie this summer I had an endoscopic cheek lift also known as a mid face lift. I felt like my face had fallen. It’s made a huge difference but there were some side effects. I don’t think you need anything, you are beautiful just as you are.

  152. You’re defying gravity and look so wonderful! I would like if you’d try the Myolift micro current device. Take good care and Happy 2020!

  153. I’m so glad I found your channel. Your advice has helped me so much. One device I would like you to check out is LED face masks. I bought one and I can tell the difference but as you say, you have to keep doing the work. Happy New Year and big thanks.

  154. Angie your skin and makeup are perfection! Thanks for all for all the valuable info on the skincare!

  155. Have you ever tried the anti aging lights? Allie Glines uses one for acne. Forget what the device is called.

  156. What do you think of Nuskin products? I am honestly skeptical but my sister in law has been pushing me the products – shes a member, raving how good they are. She even let her kids take the health products G3? I need more information from ppl who knows. Anyone pls enlighten me? Thank you 🙏

  157. Have you ever used Safflower oil on your face? I watched another you tube video and she swears by it. I have been combining it with my moisturizer at night and I can see a difference in my face. I’m 64. Let me know what you think. Thanks Sandi

  158. Guys if you want skin care info ( Dr Gray) is the one to watch! Be careful a lot of “Youtuber’s” doesn’t know anything about skin product.

  159. Hey here is an amazing person to watch, its Youngr with Dr Stephani Kappel. I think you will enjoy watching her. I love the science behind the treatments. Love you too by the way!

  160. I have a question about Botox and NuFACE. I wonder if the nuface may interfere w the Botox? One stimulates muscle and the other freezes. Can you speak to that please?

  161. I would love for you to try out the 3 in 1 colorscience eye corrector. I’ve heard mixed reviews and it’s costly but some people say it’s skincare for the eyes that doubles as concealer… sounds great if true.

  162. Hi Angie. Thanks for the new video. I have prescription Retin A but did try curology for about 4 months. There was a mistake with my order one time and their customer service department would not take responsibility. I cancelled my subscription. Customer service is everything to me.

  163. Thanks for the reminder about Curology. I’ve checked their website for months to see if North Carolina was on the list yet. I eventually gave up but after watching this video I looked again and, yeah!!! Luck! I ordered the intro offer immediately! I think you are gorgeous, you look 30 and I think lip fillers would throw the balance of your face off. Love your channel.

  164. You don’t look like you’d ever need a face lift. I’ve heard that you can keep your skin beautiful into your 90’s if you treat it right and take collagen supplements and lots of vitamin C. And of course minimize sugar and refined food intake.

  165. Hi Angie, I have a retin A related question for you. I’ve been on Retin A or curology for about 5-6 years and I still suffer from irritation! My treatment products will burn when I use it too often. I’m at .07% and I cannot use it every night or even every other night, any suggestions?

    1. Altreno. Try Altreno ( Tretinoin ) Lotion 0.05%. In late 2018, FDA approved Tretinoin in new and novel hydrating vehicle along with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and collagen. You can also use Altreno during the day underneath your sunscreen. One big tube is $115. Check out their website .

  166. I love you dearly. Especially your videos. However my budget is so much smaller than yours. Would like to try all you share. However I can not. So I just sit back, and watch your lovelys and and dream, someday. I can get what you have! Plus I *LIKE* and *Subscribe* to your channel.

  167. I had a mini facelift in November 20th 2017. I am 56 and look 56 waste of money and have permanent scares in front of ears. Not happy. Happy with jowls have been lifted and have definition in jaw. No volume in midface and have nasollibral folds.( Not happy)

  168. I have a friend that would do lip fillers and now at the age of 65 she has no upper lip define at all. It’s so sad because she makes her upper lip with lip color. Don’t do it!!!

  169. I am a surgical nurse and I would say go the route of no surgery. If you can continue to get the great results you have, why risk a major surgical procedure that comes with all kinds of risk?

  170. I have started using the Mlay RF facelift machine and have noticed a difference. I’m trying to add some of you’re morning and night routines. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  171. I hate the Ponds cleansing balm smell too, wish they would make it unscented. I discovered that Physicians Formula makes a GREAT cleansing balm and it smells nice. I think it’s green tea. Costs less than Clinique and more than Ponds, decent compromise.

    1. Hi hi …Ponds has an unscented version since the early fall of 2019, but depending on country you live in, it may have not made it yet to the shelves where you are, but sometimes is available via online stores until it comes to in store shelves.

    2. @a beachone I’m in the US. Haven’t seen it yet but will look for it. That would be awesome. Although I notice the physicians formula cleansing balm rinses off more cleanly. Ponds works but leaves a very slight greasy feel so I need to swipe with a micellar water after.
      Thanks for letting me know!

  172. I have been doing research on the nuface and it has amazing reviews as far as the results people see BUT almost every review I saw talks about it breaking/ battery giving up within a year or less of them having it. Have you ever had any issues with yours??

  173. Oh no! I really liked the ability to divide my Timeless vitamin C into two bottles and put one in the fridge!

  174. I would be really interested in hearing about the procedure to help enlarged pores. I’m 40 and have had oily skin all my life, so I have enlarged pores on my cheeks by my nose.

  175. This is soo informative! I also love resveratrol, The Ordinary has a similar version: Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%, and is only $7.9!

  176. Thanks to you I have absolutely loved the Timeless CoQ10 Vitamin C! It brightens my skin and is amazing!!!

  177. Your face looks amazing! I stopped using my NuFace for a long time because of my rosacea but now that it is getting under control and because of watching you, I have started to use it again. I have had to be careful with Vitamin C too because of the rosacea but I think I am going to try the Timeless one. Are the products you have recommended safe for rosacea? You are very knowledgeable and I am wondering if you have any suggestions. I do love my Botox and have had 2 Sublative RF laser treatments done. I didn’t notice too much of a difference after the first one but did love the results after the second one.

  178. Angie stop! No more procedures , you educate and promote good skin health and it shows! Embrace the beauty you are! I love your channel and your presentations, just no more! Your good just as your are. I promise

  179. Lip filler looks terrible on everyone. I vote “no” to you or anyone else getting it. Plus, your lips look great already.

  180. great video! For me, sunscreen and tretinoin are the only things I really am passionate about in ‘skincare’ but I think (and I’m sure you agree) that your ‘lifestyle’ (good nutrition, , movement, hydration, sleep, social connections, not smoking etc.) are the real key to looking good. Having said that, I love well done botox, lasers, fillers (people only notice bad lip filler) and am not against face lifts. People think they can always tell when someone has had a facelift but when it works well – you really can’t. I didn’t guess with a fairly close friend – I just thought she was really well rested. 🙂 The key for me is to not look frozen in time but healthy and happy as I age. I don’t mind my crows feet for example (to me they are evidence of smiling) but I hate my 11’s and my vertical lip lines so I soften them.
    I don’t know if you have ever read Nora Ephron’s “I Feel Bad About My Neck” , it is a wonderful book of humorous essays about midlife as a woman. We should all laugh as much as possible and celebrate getting older in what ever way we wish. Not everyone gets the chance. Love your channel and all the best in 2020!

  181. Have you researched diet as beauty? Plant based,super foods, etc? Foods that accelerate aging etc? Or perhaps a suggestion for a chanel related to “food as beauty?”
    Love your chanel. I get excited when your content covers affordable options. Thank you for your hard work. You are beautiful.

  182. I have had 2 rounds of the radio frequency and it made a huge difference for me, especially under the eyes !

  183. You look great. I’d hate to see you go for an unnecessary facelift and mess up your pretty face. All of your hard work and research is paying off, it seems such a risk for maybe a modicum of “better”. Even if it came out great, you would still look ‘different’, and I would miss you as you are.

  184. Great video with a lot of nice items to try-yay!! I do have to say that I tried the ponds and it’s awful!! Between the fragrance and the way it made my eyes burn, I just hated it 🙁 Anyways, Happy New Year everybody!!✨💖

  185. Completely awesome video you rock I really love that you put some affordable things in their this is awesome thank you so much,, As always sending peace love and joy your way

  186. You look fabulous! Didn’t you get filler in your hands in 2019? Maybe it’s been longer than that, time does go by fast!

  187. I was very against lip fillers until one day something possessed me to get them. In the last two years I have gotten HALF a syringe twice and no one can tell the difference A Lot people tell me that they like the lipstick I am wearing (a lipstick I have been wearing the last 10 years that no one commented on) since I have gotten them done, a friend did ask me if I did do something to my lips because look really good I said no and she believed it! So I say try a half a syringe and go from there 😊

  188. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Glamglow firming mask? I just tried that for the first time and it took 10 years off and that was one application. So I just bought 2 huge 3.5 oz. Tubes with the moisturizer that comes with it at 30 % off on their site. This price is awesome for what you get. I have found nothing that works like this product. I was going to try some other products but I don’t see why I need to.

  189. Clearly your skin care routine is working, you look fabulous! I use the Ordinary and Timeless products and love them! They are a great price point. I will check out some of the others you mentioned as well! Thanks for updating us on your skin care favorites! ♥️

  190. Love your advice. My skin care has been changed due to your videos. I think your neck looks amazing. Can you tell me or do a video on what all you have done and do to keep that area so smooth. My biggest problem is around my lips and my neck.

  191. I’ve become a skincare research junkie and use several of the things you recommended/use in your skincare routine. I love my NuFace and would physically fight anyone who tried to take it away. I just purchased several gua sha tools and am adding them into my routine on alternating days when I don’t use the NuFace. I’m also thinking about getting the NuDerma Wand and the attachments. It’s a system used by aestheticians that contains neon & argon in bulbs. I’m mostly getting it for the hair attachment to see if it will help with some areas of thinning hair. That and the gua sha are things I saw on Elle Leary’s channel and was impressed by the results. I’ve also recently started looking at what I can replace through supplements that I’m losing due to decreased estrogen. Is that something that you’ve done any research on? The whole anti-aging battle is so dependant on where our body is in the menopausal process that for me, that’s becoming the basis from which I work to determine what my skin/body needs that I’m losing due to the aging process going on in my own body. You’ve been such a huge help to me personally since I woke up one day to discover I was old……thank you and keep the info coming.

  192. I also have been neglecting my NuFace because I’ve been too busy with the Holidays. And to be honest I don’t think I gave it a fair shot when I first purchased it. I’m definitely going to put more effort in starting tomorrow morning! Thanks again Angie! So happy we have you on YouTube!

    1. I use ELTA MD SPF 40. It’s slightly emollient and good for dry skin. Never had a problem with pilling. I use the untinted version. 😉

  193. Hi Angie, I have a suggestion for a interesting video, the one on the oils were excellent, the detail and scientific research you went into were great (showing they’re basically useless, due to the tiny concentration of active ingredients, other than hydrate skin), would you do the same for antioxidants? They’re so much contradicting info about them, like they’re amazing on in vitro and in paper but in reality they’re too volatile to even do anything on your skin once exposed to oxygen, I’d love to see that video, thanks.

  194. Thank you Angie for all you do for us. You have truly changed my game and im forever grateful. I love my skin! Im also a botox user and say go for it!

  195. If you are dipping your toe into chemical sunscreens, I don’t understand why you don’t try European versions. Those products are so superior in my opinion, because they incorporate more advanced full spectrum sunscreen filters that have been approved by the EU but not in the US. I think the EU is at least as strict as the FDA, but they are just faster in testing new drugs. I’m US based and have been buying and using these for years. You’re using a US version of a Laroche Posay one. I use the European Laroche Posay formulas, but other brands, like for instance Bioderma also make great ones. I buy them from a US based reputable supplier who gets all products fresh from France. Not only do I wear them everyday, but I never get a burn or even any noticeable tan on beach vacations and my skin is extremely fair.

  196. Hi Angie! I just found your YouTube channel and am so thrilled! I have learned so much from you already. I saw that you use or have used one of the Mad Hippie products and was wondering if you have tried any of their others? I have a lot of medical issues and allergies and am trying to go as clean as possible in my life choices. Just wondered what you thought about the Mad Hippie products as a whole. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

  197. Hi Angie, I live in southern Italy and I look at yours videos for some time but I have only recently signed up. I followed some of your tips especially on anti-aging skin care. Thanks for spreading your exesperiance! 🌹

  198. Hi Angie. I am watching you from the UK. I am 31 and started using some products that you recommend. I have a question for you do you take collagen tablets? I watched some Americans doctors and they strongly recommend doing that. What is your opinion?
    I also hope that you can do a video for ladies in my age to give advice about starting anti-aging skincare routine, should I use all the products that you use….? I love you and really thank you for your helpful videos. 🌷

  199. I love the Take the Day Off cleansing balm and also the liquid in the bottle for lids, lashes and lips. I have also found a good drug store alternative for the balm and it is Physician’s Formula The Perfect Matcha 3-in-1 Melting Cleansing Balm. I don’t agree with your statements regarding botox. It is possible that you would have the same face even if you had never had botox. I am 68 and do not have any forehead lines and have not had botox. I believe the condition of our skin concerning lines and wrinkles is both genetic and how well we have taken care of our skin over the years with our ancestry playing a large part.

  200. Angie: Nuface will make the botox last a lot shorter. If it’s increased metabolism in the skin layers that does it, I do not know, but I’ve seen doctors warn about it, and tried it out myself.
    I get botox every third moth for free, and decided to try out Nuface over the areas I had botox. It usually last with full effect for 2.5 months for me, but with Nuface on top it was gone before one month was finished. I tried it out multiple times to be certain and got the same result every time.
    Now I avoid my forehead as it’s there I get it.

    Retinol is a life saver. By pure chance I learnt that it was sold in Greece, and here we have to have a prescription, so I bought insane amounts. I definitely had some peeling, my fault; started too hard, but when that was over, I had baby skin! A makeup artist even asked me for my entire skin routine as she had never seen a 57 yr old with so clear, soft skin with such a sheen to it. Had it not been for Angie, I might never have tried it, so thank you Angie!

  201. Instead of retinol reasveratrol coq10 ahas creams with antioxidants no cucumbers alcohol sulfate no rasberry green masks avocado kale masks drink tea take collagen exersice eat drink berries licorice and research

  202. I don’t know if the Ponds you have is the same as the plain old Ponds but the old plain stuff is GREAT and has a very light clean scent. I’ve found that at TJs, very reasonable and it works GREAT to take off makeup. i always do a double cleanse too.

  203. Dr. Dray said that Ponds has come out with a fragrance free version of the make up remover balm I’m going to try it.

  204. Angie, I’ve been watching you for years. In nearly every area of my life, even if I’m paying experts, I end up having to do so much work and research on my own which is exhausting. I am so happy to be able to rely on your advice for skincare, especially because it can be such a confusing topic. Thank you for all your hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

  205. Hi Angie, thanks for all your info as usual ❤️ I’m curious about your thoughts on squalane oil products and the sunscreen by Colorescience. I’ve started looking for physical sunscreen bc of your recommendations and making the switch really helped my eyes not burn!

  206. Thanks Angie for another great video. In my opinion, drugstore dupe for CLINIQUETake The Day Off Cleansing Balm is e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser. I personally like
    DRUNK ELEPHANTSlaai™ Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser the most. It is a one step cleanser and works better for me.
    BTW, you look gorgeous without any fillers and Botox. Having said that, I would appreciate it if you do an update after your Botox and mention the pros and cons of doing it. Thanks again for your well-researched and honest feedback on the overwhelming amount of products out there!

  207. Happy Holidays and as always, you’re looking fabulous! I’m loving your hair, makeup and jewelry (especially your necklace) in this video. Your videos are my “holy grail” because of your honesty and informational content. I am 53 and have lots of sun damage as well as texture issues due to acne scarring. I was in search of help (without plastic surgery) and stumbled upon your channel. The first video of yours that I viewed was your A.M./P.M. skincare routine from last year. I couldn’t believe how beautiful your complexion was (is) and changed my skincare routine to yours. It has definitely improved the quality of my skin. I would love it if you would post another video with the updated products that you’re using. It was a very helpful video to know what and how to use all of the products, the reasons why as well as the benefits. Also, I have had a few microneedling procedures done and like the results; it promotes collagen. As you mention in this video nothing is permanent and as such, microneedling is a procedure that is required a few times a year to sustain its benefits, which can get costly. I’ve seen many videos of people doing this at home. I was wondering if you have ever thought about trying it yourself?

  208. I’m concerned about ordering timeless products from Amazon. They have good prices but is it possible they’re old?

    1. Miss BeDu I had the same concerns and ultimately just ordered directly from Timeless. They might be running a sale right now, and I believe shipping is free. I received my order in a few days, but I’m also in California

    2. Just order from Timeless and Oder each product 1x so you can use the code hf5off multiple times. So I just placed 2 orders so I could get $5 off each order

  209. Angie! Thank you for all your content and hard work. Your channel is great. I’m 61 yrs old and appreciate hearing from someone who is working to stay looking good. I’m scheduled to do a lower facelift at the end of Jan. I’m also doing CO2 Laser . I’m a little nervous about the laser. I’ve purchased many products you have recommended in the last year. I love your content fashion and all. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

    1. One more thing…I had fat injection in my lips 15 years ago it’s still there and it looks great. Very natural no “trout pout” . No one would ever know it’s been injected.

  210. You know, I look at Sally Field and others that age naturally– and then I see Meg Ryan types (much younger) who just look terrible and plastic. Botox is great for forehead wrinkles between the eyes but I don’t want to do it as I get migraines. I know it works for migraines but ..eesh, not sure. Derma-brasions seem to really work with sunspots. I’m translucent so I’m not sure if the redness will get worse? Oh lord. What to do. What to do!! Thx for all the info.

  211. LOVE the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – Half-price on Jan 11th at Ulta. I have also tried the Physicians Formula The Perfect Matcha Green Tea Cleansing Balm that you can find at Target, works great and the soft green tea scent does not bother this chemically sensitive girl. Under 10 dollars for almost a 1/3 of the product amount of the Clinique so almost an even deal between the two though I have found I can use slightly less product per use of the Clinique to clean my face .

  212. Omg I just wanted to tell you how much I love the L’ORÉAL I-create color!!! Thanks 🙏🏻. Anything similar to this would you recommend???But this color is my Holy Grail.

  213. Thank you so much for all your research. I’m 45 and even while using Curology I still get a few breakouts. Do you have any recommendations for spot treatment ache?

  214. You look great so all that you are doing is making you look better than ever. Your makeup is
    perfection. The fillers go away after 2 years and here I thought they helped build your own collagen with the hyluronic acid in them; apparently not. Lip filler does not have to look
    obvious; less is more; don’t want to stretch out your lips and keep having to get more each time.

  215. Try the Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser. I bought a 12 oz tub from Walmart for $10. It is great at removing eye makeup.

  216. Angie, please start a skin care line to combine all these products. Not only can I not remember what I bought the products for about 2 weeks after I got them, but I can’t tell a difference. I can’t stop staring at how different your skin looks from 7 years ago. I want to copy every step. I just need a much simpler process. 15 products every day plus some expire in 10 minutes, some need time to absorb before step number 500…it’s so much! I am convinced that if you would start a company that would combine as much as possible with minimal packaging, you’d have a cult following. Your fan, K

  217. Angie, did you update your morning/evening skincare routine word document for us to follow along? Thanks!

  218. What is the best cream or serum to lift the eyelids? I know you said you have changed your mind about an eye lift due to the improvements you have experienced. I would really like to feel the same 😥

  219. Hi Angie! I am from Germany and 46 years old. At first, thank you so much for your tips and Tricks !!!! Secondly I wanted to ask, if you changed the chanel foundation from beige 20 to beige 30? I always bought the same Color as you do, but in your latest Videos you recommended no 30 and the Color medium 2 of stila does not perfectly match my scintone. I think, i have to by a lighter one…

  220. Angie, you look amazing. I noticed you didn’t really use Botox by your eyes lately and I like it. It’s more “real” but not “wrinkly”. If that makes sense. I think you have great lips. I say if you want to try, try it. It won’t be forever. I really need to do something about my lip lines and top lip volume. I hate… it I can take any other wrinkle on my face (I am not that bad) but there is BAD, so I UNDERSTAND. Your videos have helped me save my skin overall though. Thank you!

  221. Loved this video! Thank you for honest advice. No need to do lip filler, you look great. Neck is such a difficult part of anti aging! I think nothing really helps there. Bummer. If there’s a device or procedure ( non surgical) that helps let us know. Lasers help texture but not the bands on the neck.

  222. ❤️Wanted to share a Bible verse❤️ Romans 10:9 If u confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved!!! Welcome to the family of God❤️ Jesus truly is coming so soon to take us home exciting time to be living in❤️❤️❤️

  223. I love your videos! Have you considered reviewing green beauty brands? I like how you research things. Also, do you know why Cureology doesn’t deliver to certain states?

  224. I love Botched, too! Did you pick up on it when Dr. Nassif said he had had a facelift earlier this year. He looks amazing! Thank you for another great video, Angie. I always enjoy them so much! Happy New Year!

  225. If you cut your hair you will look better,younger…and you won’t need Botox 🧐
    Your face looks beautiful,you don’t need any changes in this era ….🥰

  226. Please try Alastin products and let me know what you think….I have been using a few and have seen such a big difference.

  227. You absolutely have to try the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Lotion. It comes in a tall cylindrical tube. See my video for info. I’m 50 and I look in my 30’s. It’s the only thing I use for hydration and then I top it with a little vaseline as an occlusive around the eyes. It’ll change your life. I was not a fan of the Hada Labo Hyaluronic cream but the cleansing oil is great. I also use the Hada Labo Hyaluronic lip balm. Thank you for explaining your experience cosmetic procedures. I’m going to try the NuFace.

  228. Loved this video and your adorable personality. Just wanted to say you have THE BEST YouTube channel out there. I always come back to you as others seem to come and go for me. You’re real and intelligent. Keep up the incredible and thoughtful work. You’ve helped so many women and we all wish you an incredible 2020 Angie.

  229. I vote no on botox that has been tested on animals! Apparently every bottle has to be tested (since its a nerve killer) so every little wrinkle is a real killer for other living beings. But well don’t listen to me, those wrinkle free areas are far more important than any animal right?

  230. You’re looking great Angie! I did a chemical peel for the first time in Dec,(Tca) mainly to shrink my pores and i am happy so far with the results. Im doing another in 6 weeks. Have you tried it yet?

  231. Hi Angie, I love your videos! You have really helped me on several fronts from Botox, Fillers and makeup for over 50. I’m in Canada so unfortunately some products we don’t have access to here. Just wondering if you have ever tested SKINN cosmetics products, in particular his skin care line? I like it but would love to hear your thoughts on his products

  232. I have such a peeling issue around my chin area with Curology, especially the last several months since the air is so much drier. Any thoughts on what would help?

    1. Tina Lam try every other night for a couple weeks? Or start using a richer moisturizer after you put it on.

  233. Hi lady… you look beautiful as you age “naturally” as your currently doing. Let’s age gracefully as best we can, as naturally as we can. (Non-surgical) ♡♡

  234. Hey Angie, curious about the laser Skin Tightening procedures like Accent XL. And Emsculpt. You’re always so honest in your reviews.

  235. I have Botox twice and my brows dropped so bad I couldn’t open my eyes. My injectors mistake. Going next week for other injections

  236. You look lovely. Enjoy your fit , healthy and youthful life. I’m one for the simple anti aging implementations as cleansing with a gentle soap, plain moisturizer, SPF, and a retinoids at night. My understanding is most applications to the skin can not penetrate the epidermis and are there for not effective. I get to overwhelmed with too many serums and lotions. I heard you mention Lactic acid.. what exactly does it do? I thought it was more for acne. Thanks for all your informative and in-depth vids. Best wishes in the New Year.

  237. I love your channel and your videos! Just one request – can we leave the term “anti-aging” in 2019?

    1. Yep! I came here to make the same comment. It hasn’t made its way to any stores in my area yet. But I’m definitely going to be trying it as soon as it does.

  238. You look amazing and I’d love my skin to look like that. This video was overwhelming for me though. I wish retinol was enough. I don’t know if I can learn about everything else like the various antioxidants.

  239. I can’t believe so many people like the Take The Day Off balm. I don’t. It doesn’t remove my waterproof mascara like the MUFE remover (which stings my eyes–THAT can’t be good). I feel like I’m glopping Vaseline on my skin. To each their own! I passed mine on to a girlfriend who loves it. I always enjoy your videos but I really appreciate your scientific approach to skin care products. It’s amazing that products can be sold that don’t have enough of, or the right kind of, ingredients in the right form to do what the manufacturer claims. I wish our standards for health care and cosmetic products here in the U.S. was up to the more stringent standards of Europe. But, in the meantime we have Angie!! Thanks for all you do!

  240. Angie, my daughter has an auto-immune disease that has left her face scarred. Which laser do you think would be best for her? My son is getting married soon and I would love to get a laser for my aging face? Thank you—and I have always watched Botched. LOL Do you get the procedures done at derm or plastic surgeon?

  241. Angie- These all sounds great, however, there are so many products listed it’s hard to know which ones overlap so it would be easy to “over-do it” and cause problems. Can you please share the exact order in which you use these products, how often, and when? For example, give a morning and bedtime routine with Steps, such as: Step 1, use product A, B or C. Then, Step 2, and so on. Also, please let us know which products you use only once or twice each week and where in the process you fit them in. And finally, any recommendations for red skin and/or sweat? (I live in hot humid FL) Thanks so much for your great reviews. So many of us find them helpful. 🥰

  242. Another great dupe for the clinique cleanser without the heavy fragrances is the body shop camomile balm. Half price and works just as good! 👍

  243. Happy New Year you gorgeous lady you! Have a healthy, happy, safe and dressed divinely dahling night and all the best for 2020 luv zoe

  244. Love Curology but I need to bump up my formula. My tretinoin is only at 0.01 and, while I have zero irritation even without buffering, I don’t think it’s doing anything either.

  245. So happy I found your channel.
    I’m Turing 50 this year and my New Year’s resolution is to take better care of my skin.
    I will be purchasing some of the products you have suggested.
    I have been living in Florida the last 5 years and can definitely see how the sun has left it’s mark on my back, chest and face especially.
    Can you suggest products which can be used on the body to aid in building elasticity on body as well reduce creeping.

  246. You don’t need a facelift for many many years. Keep up the skincare. You have no sagging. Look awesome.

  247. Omg my Tria face laser changed my life! And transformed my textured skin/large pores.
    We are opposites. Nuface is meh to me. Lol

  248. Can you take us with you for Botox? I’d like to know where your doctor injects. Every time my forehead is injected it falls and makes my hoods heavy.

  249. Would love to see what your results are with microneedling! They say it’s great for collagen production. Happy new year!!

  250. Hi Angie, in 2020 I would be interested to see you try and review the GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool. I look at it every time I am in Nordstrom and then put it back. Just can’t pull the trigger. I’m wondering if microneedling at home is really worth the investment of the GloPRO tool. They even have an attachment for your body. I would love your thoughts on this. FYI, last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, solely based on your recommendation, I did buy the NuFace with attachments. I love it. What a difference it has made. Therefore, I would trust your recommendations on at home microneedling. PS: If you want lips fillers, do it. It wears off after nine months or so and at least you will know whether or not if it’s for you. I trust you will not walk out with duck lips. Go for it.

  251. I disagree I don’t believe you have to have 5 or 6 different products to get what your skin needs. SUNSCREEN and RETINA you don’t even need a separate moisturizer although I do use one LAROCHE-POSAY Baume B5.

  252. You look GREAT as is! You don’t need a bit of surgery or lip fillers. Thank you for doing these videos with great research and informed choices. We appreciate you!!

  253. Angie, I also have botox in my 11s and I have Nu Face, which I love. But if I think of what it does, I’m afraid It would wore of sooner my botox, that’s why I don’t use it on my forhead anymore. What is your opinion? Love from Slovenia

  254. current research found out that filler – MRT helped here – last more then two years, even up to five. We should not forget that even wehn botox wears off you did have years of not wrinkling your face on that spots and even post botox one will look younger!

  255. I, too, hate the smell of the Ponds product. It seems even stronger than when I was a kid! I bought some earlier this year and gave away mine after one use!

  256. You look great i wish i had done something sooner then 57 i have a question i have dry skin what moisturizer other then cereve something without hard chemicals would i be able to use the it moisturizer?

  257. You look amazing .. can you recommend for super oily skin. I had chemo 2 years ago and my skin is still battling back. My under eye area is so bad everything i put on that area powder concealer it just creases and make my area look so much older and I am 45

  258. Hi Angie, and happy New Year, hope it’s a great year for all of us. Would you do a video on CBD oil, I’ve been using Talyoni, brightening Serum for a few months now and like it, but is it doing anything for my aging skin?? Is it just a carrier oil, no different than almond or olive? Would love to hear your take on the craze. Been a subscriber for years, love your videos, I think you look awesome…..

  259. I trust your skin care recommendations but I’m over buying and using one ingredient serums. If you had to recommend one good serum, what would it be?

  260. Angie your skin ll is gorgeous! I am curious if the products you mention are medical grade like the cureology (sp). I am 70 but have always used medical grade which we know breaks the bank. Are your products available from your dermatologist or plastic surgeon?
    I used to get fillers regularly from a plastic surgeon but I had a stroke last year (blessed no deficits) and no one wants to put filler in a stroke survivor since it is one of the million risks they have to list.
    So I want to use the very best products and I know you do tremendous research.
    Medical grade???

  261. Thanks Angie great choices. Micro needling is something I did and have two more sessions planned for scarring (and collagen production). I also plan to keep up Botox. I’m a bit of a teeth grinder so I find it helps a lot. Filler – just not sure. I did the temples and might do some more in other areas at least once. Have a great new year!

  262. So Angie, is the Alpha Skin Care Renewing Body Lotion the only one you use, that does not have sunscreen? Even at night?
    Also, I vote NO for lip filler. Your lips look great!!

  263. Hi loving your videos! Can you do a video on makeup removers only? Coconut oil vs Clinique Take The Day Off vs others? Thank you 😉

  264. Hi Angie. Have you heard of the Rodan and Fields skincare products? Ive been using for a year or so, experienced excellent results. Your comments? Thanks!

  265. Hi Angie. Love your channel!!! You got me addicted to using the timeless vitamin C, Q10, and the matrixyl synthesis 6. In fact I get to use you 5off code at times. Thank you so much because my skin have never looked so much better. Recently I purchased the Light Stim LED from sephora. I used it religiously for about 4 weeks but I haven’t so far noticed a difference to my fine lines and wrinkles. I want to seek your thoughts about this please.

  266. Hey Angie, thanks, as always. Learn so much from you.  

    As far as gadgets (so glad you asked!) – I’d like to hear your opinion on LED light therapy, specifically the face masks. Also, I would appreciate some clarification on LED with ultrasound. And which is better for home use, LED or laser therapy (watched your video on the Tria products). And what about dermal wands – the kinds that have neon gases in them? What do you think of those?

  267. I’m going to watch botched right now lol.
    You look amazing! Even if you had nothing done, your great. Thanks for the vid and tips

  268. Do you have any suggestions for anti aging lotions for the body? Everything I seem to be able to find is for the face in terms of anti aging.

  269. Read @drgerstmannyc post on microneedling with radiofrequency (HIFU, too, but since you mentioned radiofrequency). If you are even thinking of a potential face lift in the future, it’s helpful info. @beautybrokerofficial is incredibly knowledgeable and shares great insights as well. Just in the name of passing along great info.

  270. How do you bump up your curology tretinoin because 0.01 isnt doing much for me. We have the same curology ingredients in our creams lol

  271. I was JUST wondering when you were going to try microneedling. Look into Vivace RF as well as the Morpheus 8. Can’t wait to hear all about it! @hotandflashy

  272. Thank you so very much. Is there a reason why you have stopped recommending Australian Gold? I can’t seem to find the answer. Thank you.

  273. I love the Paula’s choice products. Can you do a review on her essential glow moisturizer mineral sunscreen? I’d love to see more reviews from you about her top sellers.

  274. I love this Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil, I apply after washing and toning and before my moisturizer. It absorbs pretty nice, it has a pleasant smell, a little bit of product covers my whole face, it doesn’t feel sticky and it works well even under make up! The company has a great customer service so I’m looking forward to trying more of their products, I bought this one with the argan oil and I’m very satisfied with both. Will buy again!

  275. I love watching botched! Those doctors can create miracles. You look beautiful and all your skin care has turned back time for you. I have learned so much from you and I can’t wait to learn more from your channel in 2020. Question for you….I use the NuFace at least 3 days a week now. I have had it over a year. I am at the maitence level. Do you think the ELT attachment is better on the hooded eyes or using the bigger ball attachment helps a lot? maybe just use the ELT once a week? Do you pluck your eyebrows or gave them waxed? I have been having them waxed and tinted. Happy New Year!

  276. I’m really interested in you testing the pmd personal microdermabrasion pro
    Can’t make my mind up if it’s something I should be looking at
    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  277. Angie you are a natural beauty! Thank you for all of your reviews and honesty. Looking forward to watching you in 2020!

    1. J Klemm no, not a hater, just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of the cosmetic surgeries that Angie has done, while literally trying to convince all of you that her beautiful skin is due to serums and lotions. None of us will get these results WITHOUT a plastic surgeon!

  278. What about your husband, does he also use all the lotions and potions. If not you are going to end up looking a lot younger than him. My husband also uses my face skin care and he looks younger than I do. The down side is my husband uses it but I buy it for myself. Xx

  279. Thanks for this comprehensive list and info, Angie!! Have you ever tried, or would you consider at-home microneedling like GloPro? Would love your thoughts!

  280. I’ve learned so much from you Angie, thank you. Quick question- when I do my morning skincare routine I notice that as I apply my foundation there are little balls of product that appear. I carefully and lightly brush them off. Do you or any of your followers find that, is there something I’m doing wrong?

  281. I think you look great but you should do whatever makes you comfortable. Have you heard of sculptra? What are your thoughts on it?

  282. You look really great! How do you finance all of the procedures and all of the skin care products!! Sounds like you are spending several thousand a year on all of this.

  283. Hi Angie, Happy, Healthy New Year. Look forward to your videos. With the new packaging of Timeless Vitamin C, do you think it still needs to be transferred to 2 bottles?

  284. Angie have you ever tried any Exuviance products? I was curious about this line and if it’s worth the money

  285. Hi, my name’s Rita. Can you write down what kind of laser treatment you have done for your neck? On one of your last videos you said that you spent $2,000 and it helped. Thank you

  286. A great dupe for the Take The Day Off cleanser is the The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter and it smells lovely

  287. Do you have a “new” protocol or daily routine list from the fall
    2019? I really appreciate all of your advice and research time spent on products! Thank you!!!

  288. Botox, lasers, fillers = FRAUD! And you all really think the serums and lotions make this work. Hey, I have a bridge…

  289. Hi Angie, could you possibly test Grande Lash MD sometime in the future. It’s reasonably priced compared to Revitalash. Thanks and have a wonderful New Year!

  290. Hi Angie, Thank you so much for your using the night regimen and morning routine… it is like so good all together!! I can actually see the difference literally!! It’s such a great routine it could be the patented & only one product doesn’t work for me is the MATRIXEL for me… it just causes an allergic reaction on me so I stopped using it, ANY IDEAS FOR A DUPE??Heeyyy have a happy new year🎭🤹🏻‍♀️& take care, stay safe, love you and all you do for us!!!🎈🎊❤️💜💚💙🌺🌼🌸🌻🌻👩🏻‍💻

  291. Α face-lift is more effective,when a woman is in her 50,s the tissues are younger, and it’ s overall result more satisfactory, so if sb is considering, because of her laxity, the younger the better

  292. I found you by accident and you have changed my skincare life!!! I’m 54 years old and I’ve spent a fortune over the years on skincare (Perricone, Lancôme, Meaningful Beauty, Murad, Estee’, Philosophy, etc. etc. etc.) and your ideas have seriously changed my skin at a FRACTION of the cost!! I’m waiting for my first order of Curology to arrive!! Thank you soooooo much!! I appreciate all your efforts!!

  293. Can you please compare the Timeless vitamin C serum with Skin Ceuticals vitamin C serum? I received the Skin Ceuticals serum for Christmas and I have been using the Timeless. Thank you.

  294. You truly are a Benjamin Button, getting younger every day! Thank you so very much for all of your videos. I will be turning 50 this year & you give me hope that I can hold off the hands of time. I say give the lip filler a try. I don’t think you need it but who knows you may love it. I just got the Nuface eye attachment & am hopeful that it will lift my lids. 😘

  295. no fillers! you don’t need it gorgeous!! you don’t need the botox either. its easy to get carried away honey, but you are perfection!

  296. Hey, Angie.
    Please try out the Gua Sha Asian Beauty tool. It’s supposed to work like the NuFace, but without the microcurrent, but with added benefit of draining/detoxifying the lymph nodes.

    I was kinda bummed to find out that Timeless Vit-C has Propylene Glycol in it! You mentioned in this video that not a lot of Vit-C’s have the correct type of Vit-C, as well as the proper P.H.; I’d love it if you did a whole video on just Vit-C. I haven’t seen any products where they really go into any in-depth information about these things, & it’s quite surprising, if those two things are what makes or breaks a product having the needed efficacy.

  297. Too much. My Botox also didn’t last this time either. Very frustrating. I used along w all other woman in the office – tried a newer product and it didn’t work – so I’m thinking ( besides never again) if it’s not broke don’t fix it lol as my high school Plastic Surgeon says. So I’m definitely upset about it. But I just had mine in November. So I’ll wait. I also had fractional and luckily I paid $800 ( friend benefit ) but I need 2 for sure. All the best. Xo 😘

  298. My mom had the neck it looks amazing. I’m w you. I’m 45 this year. So I think next up may be ….. a little filler. I wanted an eyelid lift so bad. Not anymore. You’re the best.

  299. Hey Angie
    I just ordered my Curology and the plan is to start my retinol at .009%! That seems so little. Iv used the .25% about a year ago but stopped due to scheduling not because it messed with my skin. Is Curology something I can tell them to up the retinol dosage for me? Thanks

  300. Thank you so much for all the skin care information. I will be turning 48 this January and have never had a skin care routine until I found you on YouTube. Have you ever used Red Light Therapy?

  301. I bought the big size Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion P.M. for my face, neck and decolletage. It really improved my chest area. It took about a year to see the results.

    1. Cassie Brown what results specifically did you see on your chest? Mine is so mottled from sun damage.

    2. @Lori Leftrook I was getting age spots or some call sun spots and they have lightened. My necks lines are getting faint. I apply Replenix Smoothing Body lotion on my neck and chest as a second step. I still attribute P.T.R. as the powerhouse.

  302. I just got the Clarisonic anti-aging Mia smart… Have you used it? Are there specific skin care products that you recommend to use with it for battling wrinkles?

  303. It’s so interesting that this bout of Tox didn’t work on you. I’ve never heard that before. Oddly, I’ve been getting Dysport for about a year and a half now and this last time (about a month ago) I saw the best improvement that I ever had. It was strange because I assumed each time would give similar results. I also remember that with my second or third session, the results seemed to wear off in 2 months. I wonder what happened with your session that made it inefficient.

  304. Also, about the lip filler. Have you thought about getting a Lip pop or a Lip flip with Botox? Maybe try that out first to see how you would sort of look with filler.

  305. Hi Angie, I’ve been getting botox for the last ten years but this year my botox wore off 2 month after injecting and so I went back to get them done again and now these ones are wearing off too. I asked my doc and she said my body is rejecting it and getting used to botox so I need to take a break from it for a year, so when i get them done after a year it should last me for around the usual 4/5 months. I hope this helps xx

  306. AUTOPHAGY. Hi Angie, I’m a long time viewer, love your videos! I just found out about autophagy. Have you heard about it? It’s supposed to be the biggest thing in anti-aging in the last 50 years. A Japanese scientist won a Noble Prize in 2016 for his work on autophagy. Naomi Whittel (?) wrote a book called Glow 15 which I just bought. I’m reading it now. The diet part is very similar to Keto, plus autophagy is turned on by intermittent fasting, which I’m also doing. So I’m really excited about giving it a try. I just thought you might be interested! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!

  307. Angie, did you see the new CERAVE TINTED MINERAL SPF 30 sunscreen? Andrea (Dr. Dray) did her most recent video on it

  308. Hi, what is your Instagram? FYI you look amazing and don’t need a facelift. Can you test the new pmd clean tool?

  309. Love my lip filler….helped with lines, no one noticed but me…lipstick goes on much better. It all requires a good injector. One who knows the product and how it works. Motto….looks like you only better

  310. So excited for 2020. Just signed up for Curology and I’m finishing ordering the rest of your skin routine. All the products I have tried that you listed in your printout have been game changers. Thank you so much Angie!

  311. I feel like even when my botox wears off after 4 months my skin still looks pretty good even though I have full movement. If you want to see what your skin looks like without botox wait eight to nine months. Woah

  312. Angie, i want to ask you friendly for some videos in 2020: a new Concealer video for mature undereyes including your new Lancôme magique one, a new ride or die favorites Video, a updated diet video. Thank you so much for your absolute great work! Never stop!

    1. Thanks for the video requests Nina! I already started on the Concealer one and will put the others on the list!

  313. I use tretinoin .05% for about 6 months now and when I get my brows waxed my skin burns!!!! What do you use for your brows?? Anyone have recs?

    1. You’ve been lucky then! When I first started with tretinoin I got my brows waxed and it ripped my skin right off! I had scabby eyebrows for a week… not pretty! So I don’t recommend waxing with tretinoin. You can get them threaded or tweezed.

  314. Your skin just glows, you can tell you truly moisterize and use the best serums that work well. I copied your list to bring with me when shopping for skin care. Have another question though, not related to skin care. What kind of toothpaste do you use? Your teeth look so white and I know dentists do whitening but that only last so long unless one gets it done often. But if you can share what type of toothpaste you use, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you as always for your very informative studies you do on the products you buy, I appreciate hearing which ones are worth the money and which ones you can get for less that do the same work.

    1. Hi, I use Colgate Optic white but my front upper 6 teeth are veneers so they stay white on their own.

  315. Elle is for Living maintains that forehead Botox contributes to long term eye sagging. Have you ever heard of that? I got Botox, not for forehead wrinkles which don’t bother me but to hopefully lift my eyelids. Instead it went badly and my eyelids completely folded over. 2months later it’s starting to disappate. I would sign onto Long term Botox if I thought it could help to help with sagging lids. But after that experience I’m leery of future Botox

    1. How botox affects the eye lids is very specific to how much is used and where it’s injected. An expert injector can lift your lids but an inexperienced injector can cause them to sag by putting in too much.

  316. Hi Angie, I love your channel and watch every video. I too am using my Nuface religiously and I do see results. I’m wondering how you use it after your botox treatments. Has your injector given you any advice on how Nuface affects botox if at all?I would be afaid it might counteract the botox results. What have you learned about this? Also could you test the SIO silicon patches. I’m interested in how they perform.

    1. Hi Lori~ My injector hadn’t heard of NuFace when I asked her so she didn’t have an answer on that but she did say not to use it for the first few days so I don’t “push” the botox around to areas I don’t want it (she also said not to wear a hat the first day for the same reason). So I don’t use NuFace for the week after I get botox. I tried the SIO patch on my neck but I had a bad reaction to it where my neck was red, itchy, burning for a few days so I haven’t tried them again. xo angie

  317. HI thx for your videos. Iam very interested in anti-aging and love to analyse faces and see what makes a face look aged. you look fab regarding wrinkles and skin etc, but one of the biggest things that makes the face look aged is the lips. u need a lip lift for the upper lip and filler for the lower lip. Im going to have that done myself, and the plastic surgeon said the best thing to do for the upper lift is lip lift surgery and for lower lip fillers. I paid £300 to get this professional advice so here u go with the advice for free. Thx again for the videos xx

  318. Thank you – another great video! I have been using the Timeless and Maelove products and can really see a difference in my skin AND my skin can tolerate my prescription tretinoin so much better!

  319. Also 😊 asking again for a travel skin care video – which products do you put in that tiny TSA quart bag?? Trying not to check luggage on an upcoming trip to Belize 🌴

  320. RECOMMENDATION ON MORPHEUS 8- I had RF microneedling with the Cutera Secret RF machine which is comparable. The Dr. gave me a deal because he was just starting out and wanted before and after pictures. For $1,200, I had 3 treatments, each about one month apart. Difference was VERY subtle, and in my opinion not worth the money even at the discounted price. The Dr. must have thought so as well as my pictures were never used on website or social media. I say, put it towards a future surgery or get the Fraxal again. Your results on face, neck and chest were dramatic! 😊

  321. Hi, Angie. You looking amazing as always. I heard you mention that you thought your botox didn’t take last time. I just had the same experience (like you I’ve been doing it for years with great results). Just wondering if you have any thoughts on why it didn’t take that particular time….? I thought I was being over-critical on myself thinking that the botox didn’t work but….. I swear I didn’t have the same results this time even though I used the same amount of botox. Thank you for your thoughts, and your awesome videos!

    1. It’s really hard to say why it doesn’t take sometimes… it’s happened once before with me & it’s so odd… I don’t know if they mixed up fresh botox or maybe it had been hanging around a while so was less potent. This time I got Dysport instead and it’s doing great so it could just be good to switch it up sometimes! xo ~a.

  322. Please review Hanna Cure facial masks. They are expensive and super popular. Your reviews are wonderful.

  323. Don’t do the lip filler! It’s a never ending quest to get bigger and bigger lips and it looks unnatural. Your lips look great already!

  324. Hi Angie I’ve been following you for approx two years and really appreciate your help. As someone below mentions a dupe for the Clarins Balm is The Body Shop’s Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. It’s divine! Not sure if you have the body shop in the USA but they’re super good and against animal testing etc.

  325. Thanks as always for your great recommendations. My skin has improved so much by following your tips! A couple of things I use that you don’t are the Dr Gross LED mask, which I do think has improved the elasticity of my skin, and the Olay home microdermabrasion kit, which makes my skin feel incredibly smooth.

  326. Angie, im from MA too and never done botox but wanna start. Please can you share who you see? Ty so much

  327. I so appreciate your prospective on beauty for aging skin! My HG Australian Gold tinted SPV 50 is half price at Walgreens ($6.49/each). I hope it’s not being discontinued. Any insight?

  328. Angie, Great video as usual! I’m 54 and while my skin has always been oily it’s beginning to be a little more combo. I have some scarring from acne and the chickenpox! If you could give me two of your best suggestions for smoothing the texture… i’m thinking something from the Ordinary? What are your thoughts?

  329. Angie, love your videos…just curious if you wear colored contact lenses, as your eyes are always so pretty and blue? I’m sure they are naturally gorgeous, but wondered if you had a little extra tint to accentuate, as am interested in that myself. Thank you.

  330. Hi Angie, you’re gorgeous! I’ve got Botox three times over a period of five years and although I went to different clinics (wth good reputation), my botox always wore off within a month (plus the last time it did not smooth my forehead at all. I have no idea why. Isn’t it true that if one gets botox frequently (like three times a year), one builds a resistence to botox? It’s sth I’ve heard. Great video! Happy 2020

  331. You look amazing and I think you should skip the lip filler! I’ve been using Curology w .05% Tretinoin, 5% Azelaic Acid, and 4% Niacinamide. I was using this daily and experienced extreme skin peeling and some irritation. So much so that I didn’t want to leave the house. I am ready to do what is necessary. Typically how long does this process take before the peeling stops?

  332. Do you still use any Olay products? I know you did at one time. I think I purchased the miscrosculpting cream because you recommended it.

  333. Hey Angie! Im thinking about getting my “11” and forehead done. Because im starting to see etched in lines. Im 33 and im worried that its getting too late. Can u tell me approx how much it would cost for the entire forhead??

    You look amazing!!! Happy 2020!

  334. I started Cuology approximately a year ago (thanks to your recommendation) and can already see the benefits!  I follow your routine to the letter…and it has made a big difference.  Thanks Angie for doing the research!

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